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Feb 5, 2012 03:58 PM

Egg Cream (??)


Any suggestions on where to get an egg cream in Boston? Thanks in advance (!!!)

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  1. I found them on the drink menus at Lizzy's or Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage in Havard Square, Zaftig's in Brookline, Christine's in Inman Square, and JP Licks.

    But, I have not tried any of them.


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      1. They actually had egg creams as a special at Strip T's when I was there a few weeks ago. It could have been 20 dollars, I still would have gotten one. But it was only two dollars.

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          In the same neighborhood, Deluxe Town Diner has them... not quite Boston, though.

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          1. Eastern Standard does a ~ $6 egg cream with tarragon vanilla or chocolate cardamom. Both very good.      

            I know this is different, but Thmor Da and Floating Rock do a terrific egg soda. I think of that as a "real" egg cream soda because the ingredients are sweetened condensed milk (like cream?), egg yolk, and soda water. It's terrific, especially at Thmor Da.

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              egg soda (soda sua hot ga) can also be found at almost any vietnamese restaurant

              1. re: galangatron

                an egg cream is just fox's ubet chocolate syrup, real seltzer and milk - no eggs at all.

                1. re: teezeetoo

                  I believe it's heavy cream, not milk. That's the way we used to make them anyway.

                    1. re: hckybg

                      Yet when I posted the recipe, the mods immediately bounced it out. Whatever. I'm glad you got it in, and yes, it's Fox's U-Bet syrup, seltzer, and milk.

                    2. re: misscucina

                      There is definitely no heavy cream, or cream of any sort in an authentic NY egg cream.

                      The recipe from the Fox's web site is correct.

                      1. re: StriperGuy

                        It may not be kosher, but trust me, it's pretty tasty.

                        1. re: misscucina

                          Paula Dean also batters and deep fries cannolis...

                          I'll stick with the classic rendition of both.