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Egg Cream (??)


Any suggestions on where to get an egg cream in Boston? Thanks in advance (!!!)

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  1. I found them on the drink menus at Lizzy's or Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage in Havard Square, Zaftig's in Brookline, Christine's in Inman Square, and JP Licks.

    But, I have not tried any of them.


    1. They actually had egg creams as a special at Strip T's when I was there a few weeks ago. It could have been 20 dollars, I still would have gotten one. But it was only two dollars.

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        In the same neighborhood, Deluxe Town Diner has them... not quite Boston, though.

      2. Eastern Standard does a ~ $6 egg cream with tarragon vanilla or chocolate cardamom. Both very good.      

        I know this is different, but Thmor Da and Floating Rock do a terrific egg soda. I think of that as a "real" egg cream soda because the ingredients are sweetened condensed milk (like cream?), egg yolk, and soda water. It's terrific, especially at Thmor Da.

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          egg soda (soda sua hot ga) can also be found at almost any vietnamese restaurant

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            an egg cream is just fox's ubet chocolate syrup, real seltzer and milk - no eggs at all.

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              I believe it's heavy cream, not milk. That's the way we used to make them anyway.

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                  Yet when I posted the recipe, the mods immediately bounced it out. Whatever. I'm glad you got it in, and yes, it's Fox's U-Bet syrup, seltzer, and milk.

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                  There is definitely no heavy cream, or cream of any sort in an authentic NY egg cream.

                  The recipe from the Fox's web site is correct.

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                    It may not be kosher, but trust me, it's pretty tasty.

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                      Paula Dean also batters and deep fries cannolis...

                      I'll stick with the classic rendition of both.

          2. Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown sells them, as someone else mentioned. But it's not Boston. You can always make one yourself - super easy. Whip up some VERY chocolatey chocolate milk, then mix 2 parts chocolate milk with 1 part seltzer. Voila! Egg cream heaven.

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              Usually you would have much more seltzer than milk, for me that's part of the joy. Strangely thirst quenching even though the base is milk and chocolate syrup.

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                It's all a matter of preference, but the end result no matter what the amounts are is total deliciousness! :)

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                  Thank you everyone for the responses! I literally ordered 11 bottles of ubet syrup and just got the package in the mail yesterday. Follow up - has anyone been to Mr. Bartley's? what is the pulse? Meaning, is it packed on weekends? Hard to get a table? Aware of it, just never been. I moved from Boston more than a few years ago, but I'm coming back for a Red Sox game weekend in May, and egg cream (finding one) is on my list of things to do. Thanks in advance.

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                    It is packed on weekends and it is hard to get a table, but everyone lines up and they move people through quickly. People don't really get to dawdle there, so I've never had a terrible wait. It's certainly a classic place and I've always thought their fist-sized burgers were quite good. I think it's certainly worth a visit if you are curious, want your egg cream, and don't mind the wait.

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                      Cool, thanks for the heads up (!!!) Will try the weekend in May. I checked their menu, their frappes alone are worth the trip, it seems. (and egg cream) :)