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Feb 5, 2012 03:57 PM

Walkable from PDX Union Station -- good for groups and also solo diners?

Hi all!

A group of us will be in Portland in Mid-April, arriving by train and staying onboard our chartered train while it is parked in the station for two days (Sunday and Monday) We're looking for a range of places we can either walk to easily, or hop on the MAX/streetcar and get to. Lots of different palates in the group -- some exotic, some pretty mainstream. The demographic is middle-aged, but not fuddy-duddy, well-travelled and open for adventure. Some folks will want to go in search of meals together and some will wander off on their own. What would you suggest for places that wouldn't require reservations and would represent a range of prices and ambience? For instance:

- is there a good breakfast "joint" nearby?
- is there a not-obnoxiously-hipster cafe that is a good spot to hang out, drink good coffee and have a pastry?
- is there a hidden gem in Chinatown?
- is there a late night bar that also serves munchies, decent beer and wine and is not too loud for conversation?
- is there a place where a solo diner can get an interesting and affordable meal and a glass of wine at the bar?
- of the overwhelming food cart options available, is there a pod near the station that has some great offerings?

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. If you're good with a 15-minute walk then you have tons of options in the downtown/pearl district area.

    Breakfast: Bijou Cafe / Kenny and Zukes
    Coffee/Pastry: Lovejoy Bakers, Nuvrei Patisserie, Barista
    Late night bar: Life of Riley (good beer list, good food, maybe not so much wine)
    Solo diner: Little Bird, Metrovino (more pricy),
    Food Carts: Closest would be at SW 5th at Stark. But the other big one at 9th and Alder is really not that far away. People have their favorites at each. Not much will be open on Sunday.

    Some of the most interesting dining in Portland is outside the downtown/pearl district core.

    1. You can access anywhere in downtown with MAX/streetcar and walking.
      Stark between 4-5th has Tabor and Give Pizza a Chance, two of downtown's best carts.
      Best bar would be Teardrop.
      Ping is very close and has a good happy hour.

      1. A solo diner can get a good meal and wine at the Davis Street Tavern which is close by. They have a good happy hour too.

        For good late night food, Gilt Club isn't too far.