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Feb 5, 2012 03:41 PM

Anyone know where to find kabsa?

My boyfriend grew up in Saudi Arabia and talks longingly of a dish he enjoyed as a kid called's rice with raisins, spices and chicken. I found recipes online and made it for him but it wasn't quite the same ;) Anyone know of a restaurant in the San Francisco area that has this? I'd be eternally grateful!

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  1. There's one mention on Yelp and it was a taster by a chef contemplating putting it on their menu. Mazzat in Hayes Valley

    Looks like it made the menu as Kabsse with chicken instead of the lamb in the linked review. Test it out and report back! :


    "Jasmine rice cooked with green peas, onions, carrots, and raisins, topped with tender chicken thighs, cooked with fresh tomatoes, all sprinkled with nuts, served with a side of plain yogurt"

    1. Have you tried Alborz on Center Street in Berkeley? I know they have rice dishes that sound quite similar, and I believe the owners are from Saudi Arabia.

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        Close but across across the Persian Gulf.
        "After leaving his native Iran at age seventeen, David Dornan settled in Sweden, where he got a footing in restaurant work. Emigrating to the US twenty years ago, he opened the first Alborz — named for a snowy northern Iranian mountain range — in Fremont."

      2. Thanks so much! Will check Mazzat and Alborz out and let you know how it goes :)