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Feb 5, 2012 03:07 PM

Budget dining near Eiffel Tower in Paris?

Please forgive yet another request for Paris dining recommendations, but I'm new to Chowhound. I'm going to Paris for the second time this spring, and will be staying in an apartment about a five minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, also for the second time. Last trip, I basically just ate wherever I happened to be when I got hungry, and the results were a little hit or miss. I'd love some suggestions for tasting dining in the 7th/E. Tower area that won't break the bank. Many thanks!

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  1. There's a wonderful, small Mediterranean restaurant in the 7th. I was walking by one lunchtime and had terrific pasta. I can't remember the name but perhaps someone will know this place. It was very close to Rue Cler - that I do remember. If I come across the name, I'll come back with it.

    There are lots of bistros on Rue Cler. I had a nice breakfast in one a few years ago.

    1. The 7th is a posh area. The best way to eat well on a budget is to make good use of its excellent markets (rue Cler, Saxe-Breteuil) and cook at home.

      1. If you are near the Eiffel Tower, you may be closer to the 15th than to the east end of the 7th. For instance, Le Casse-Noix is located some 500 meters south of the ET and offers up modern French at a good quality/price ratio, cheaper of course at lunch than dinner.

        It would help us to know how much you allot for a meal, lunch or dinner, also if you refer to a tasting menu or a tasty meal.

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          The 15th does offer great quality/ price bistros, many well covered here. In the 7th, prix-fixe lunch menus tend to be at least half the dinner price. Cafe Constant is always superb ( no reservations, so come early or late).

        2. I've eaten at Le Casee Noix which is just on the other side of the champs des mars twice in the past month and have had great meals. The also have a reasonable priced wine list.

          Cafe Constant in the 7th is also very good and reasonably priced

          1. Au Dernier Métro, bd de Grenelle.

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              the 7th is not really cheap! It is THE place if you are not on a budget! Your best bet would be the 15th