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Feb 5, 2012 02:50 PM

Romantic/Valentine's Day dinner for a crowd?

Does anyone have suggestions for a good valentine's day menu that can be scaled for a crowd of 10-15 (all women)?

I have lots of ideas for desserts, but I'm not sure what appetizers/main courses would be suitable for Valentine's day

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  1. I would think elegant might work. Appetizers could be blinis with caviar....or smoked salmon.
    Main course of something French....a braised chicken thigh dish. Or a nice fish dish with a lovely sauce.

    1. Maybe a first course of creamy wild mushroom risotto, small portion. Followed by medallions of pork tenderloin with port jus and turnip mash. End with cleansing bright greens with simple citrus vinaigrette, then your dessert choice.

      1. This salmon and capellini with creamy vodka sauce is lovely and totally girly, plus the salmon is a pretty pink. I've made it enough that I have come up with a few short cuts. I've also made it in sections ahead of time and once made it as a salmon steak on top of each bowl of pasta, rather than mixed in, so that might be a bit more elegant.

        1. Risotto. Lobster risotto?

          Shrimp cocktail (mexican style) or fish ceviche.

          1. Funny, I was just writing a blog post on romantic, fancy-but-cheap/easy recipes for Valentine's Day. Mostly for two people, but these are likely easy enough and scalable to 10+ people. On it, I had:
            - spaghetti carbonara
            - risotto
            - steamed mussels
            - roast chicken
            - soups like bisques or stews like cassoulet

            If you have a lot of time (and a large Dutch oven), what about stuff like coq au vin or braised short ribs? I'll link when my blog post gets published.

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            1. re: janethepain

              A question for katecm regarding the salmon recipe:

              Could you substitute another herb for the dill?
              I am curious as to what taste the vodka brings to the dish. Is there a substitute for it?

              Yes, that's two questions. :<) Sorry.

              I am asking because I would like to make it tonight, but have no vodka nor any dill in the house.


              1. re: laredo

                Oh no, I hope you're on the west coast so this isn't too late. In terms of substituting the dill, I've used dried if you have it. If not, I bet tarragon would be amazing. Or thyme to make it a bit more wintry? And instead of the vodka, I bet simple dry white wine would still be delicious.