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Feb 5, 2012 02:46 PM

Dining Advice for Business Trip

I am in town Sunday Night to Friday AM (next week), staying at the Palliser in Calgary and going to be working out of Banker's Plaza during the day. Looking for rec's for lunch and dinner, both where I and a business partner can walk in and walk to (figure 6 block max, as I am Vancouver and a pansy if it really cold).

We are both adventurous, and last time in Calgary spent every night at Charcut, which was great but would love to mix it up a bit.

For me it is all about the food and menu, wine list and bar are nice but since it is business, and I have to work the evenings I can't really partake.

Of note, I recognize one of the days is Valentine's so want to avoid the hassle of waiting two hours for service that night.

I look forward to all of your advice.

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  1. Banker's Hall has its own food court on the 4th floor for quick bites or you could try Sunterra Market on the 2nd floor for good, fresh food like sandwiches, cooked food like stews etc, salads, soups, desserts. The other thing you could do is to use the Plus 15 and walk from one building to another without going outside. Just be mindful that the Plus 15's might close down after work hours. Weather's been pretty balmy here in Calgary so don't worry about the -30oC weather! LOL Right across from Banker's Hall on Stephen Avenue Mall is Metropolitan Grill. It's a pretty good restaurant. Further east of Metropolitan Grill are more restaurants like Mango Shiva (East Indian), Flames Central (bar restaurant), The Libertine Public House (bar-type restaurant). Right on 1st Street SW and Stephen Avenue is Murrieta's. Expensive and great restaurant. Opposite it are Piq Niq Bistro, Gypsy, cheap eats & takeaway Thai Tai (Vietnamese subs, pho, bun). Even further east to the next couple blocks over are fancy restaurants like Tribune, Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro, Belvedere, Teatro. All good choices for restaurants. For Valentine's Day, I would suggest making a reservation. Most of the fancier restaurants use Open Table for making your reservation.

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      Definitely try Mango Shiva and adding Rose Garden
      Thai restaurant and Catch. I heard Home Tasting Room was good too. All 4 are on Stephen ave.

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        Stephen Ave (& near) has a lot of great restaurants.For lunch I like Falafel King, Double Zero Pizza, Thai Tai (as mentioned above) for soup, Divino, Mango Shiva (lunch buffet). For dinner, I love Murrieta's. Another hidden gem that I don't think stands out as much as it should, is Thomson's in the Hyatt. It includes a beautifully rustic lounge, if you want a more casual but still classy atmosphere. I believe all the the above mentioned are open for lunch & dinner.

        Gypsy has gone down hill as of late IMHO and Flames Central is not known for their stellar food. It's more of place to watch a game, grab a beer and some apps.

        If you use Twitter or Facebook you can check out the various food truck daily locations. Not sure how close they will be to Bankers Hall but worth watching for.

        One last tip is Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, which delivers bread on a cargo bike. I believe that on Tuesdays only, they serve scones and bread at the Cargo Bike Store parked on Stephen Ave and 2nd St. SW. From 7:45 till 9:30am. The scones so great - pretty creative flavor pairings.

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          2nd Sidewalk Citizen, I made it to the bakery store 2 weeks ago. Loved the lemon cardamom cranberry tea bread & loaf of multigrain we bought. We'd have purchased more but they were just about sold out.

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            3rd for SWC. His sweet scones are out of this world. He sells his bread & scones at a few markets close to downtown: Sunnyside Market, Bridgeland Market, Silk Road Spices in Inglewood, as well as Phil & Sebastian Coffee Shop at Chinook (and possibly in the Marda Loop location?)... though if you're at P&S in Chinook, you might as well just visit his bakery a few blocks away!

      2. Five nights, five dynamite places to go in your area. These are my top five within Stephen Avenue area: Blink, Taste, Divino, Belvedere, Charcut (2nd Libertine for pub fare & awesome beers).
        If you're willing to split minimal cabfare to venture to other amazing & unique places in town: Model Milk, Cassis, Una, Brava Bistro, Borgo, Farm (all along 17 Avenue).

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          Adding Petite on 17th Ave to the list and Vin Room, Famoso & Wurst in Mission (4th St & 22nd Ave SW)!