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Feb 5, 2012 12:38 PM

Health-nut Chowhound... does that animal exist??

I'm into all kinds of foods. I like everything from j u n k to fine dining and whole food cooking, including vegan. I've started posting on CH not that long ago and, I've only noticed 1 or 2 nutrition oriented posters.At the moment , my body is asking for something healthy . So Does anyone have a good suggestion or dish they'd like to share? (macro,organic and vedic types... sure?)

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  1. Pretty broad request there . . . Do you have any loves or hates when it comes to veggies? Or a particular grain around which you'd like to center a dish?

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    1. re: Rilke

      I'm not fussy. I will give anything a fair try.

    2. I'd look into the HC and GCT boards for suggestions -- there is lots of good stuff out there.

      1. You need to rephrase your question.

        There is nothing inherently "healthy" about eating organic or macro or even Vedic (i.e. raw) foods.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Don't understand your post and the only vedic foods I've tried were ...cooked.

        2. I enjoy cooking wholesome healthy foods on a regular basis, as this is how I strive to eat on a normal run of the mill day. I also enjoy my fatty junky stuff too. Case in point, this weekend I enjoyed a slab of cheesecake, deep fried buffalo wings, etc. (all home made). Today? Roasted vegetables in a flax/whole grain wrap and for dinner, kale and white bean soup. I think many 'hounds eat similarly and try to eat a balanced diet.

          With that said, that is an awfully broad request for a "healthy dish." Especially because my version of healthy may not match yours (I eat grains, meat, etc.).

          1. Broad request but I'll tell you what I like for healthy food. I like to make rich vegetable broths in the winter with huge amounts of parsnips and carrots. I simmer for a few hours with onions and bay leaves.

            I try to get high Omega 3 cold water fish in the winter like mackerel. I cook a piece in a tiny bit of olive oil with just a bit of salt and pepper. I serve with a bit of the stock in the bottom of a large bowl, add the piece of fish and then maybe some steamed or sauteed spinach or kale with garlic cloves on top of it all.

            Happy Healthy Eating!