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Feb 5, 2012 12:27 PM

Asheville, NC

I am looking for the Local Favorites, been around forever. You know the historic landmarks that your dad took you to as a kid type. Diner, BBQ, hotdog and hamburger joints. That are still thriving today. The last of real restaurant Americana, not the new nasty chains.

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  1. FOREVER forever? 'Taint much...
    But Sunny Point for breakfast and 12 Bones for BBQ certainly fit your criteria food-wise.

    1. many of the Local Favorites have long gone...Grove Park Inn of course almost 100 years ... 5 Points Cafe on Broadway, Moose Cafe - near Farmer's Mkt (but not that great), Tastee Diner on Haywood, ...In Asheville it's not about the old favorites it's about the new, creative cuisine.

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        So, for new and creative???
        Where to go for dinner?
        Coming to town for a few days and it's been
        a few years.

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          here's a good thread to get you started. It covers the current favorites pretty well: