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Feb 5, 2012 12:25 PM

When should I spray my citrus trees for scale?

I want to spray horticultural oil on my lemon and lime trees but I don't want to damage the flowers. I know now is the time to spray other fruit trees, but the citruses aren't dormant.

Also, is there any other nontoxic way to get rid of scale? I've read that scraping them off actually helps spread them around. Is that true? My trees are in large pots and are about 5-6 feet tall, so I can reach all the parts quite easily.

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  1. I will be interested to here. I have never spayed mine, an only one year did I have a problem with scale

    Maybe here;


    This link was there;

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      Glencora, any time in Calif. it's OK to spray with a very light horticultural oil spray, save when the plant is in FULL bloom. You do want to avoid spraying during a summer or fall heat spell, as the foliage could be burned, but remember that ants and scale go together. Try to control ants; they love to take up residence in containers, it's a perfect spot. Use ant stakes or the newer, safer granules on the market. You can use Tree Tanglefoot, but it is messy, as well as unsightly on specimen container plantings.

      ps my reguards to Planty Pal!

      1. re: toodie jane

        I did end up spraying and I think it's made a difference. You're right about the ants. They're a nuisance. I've used tanglefoot in the past on the citrus trees and also on my apple tree. Somehow it always ends up in my hair!