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Feb 5, 2012 10:39 AM

Fresh Jack Fruit

Anyone know where I can find fresh Jack Fruit in Oakland or around Mission Bay in SF?

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  1. B Bowl East had it about a month ago. It was cut in small pieces (not surprising since the whole fruit is massive) and it was the best quality I've had. It was about $2 per pound as I recall. But I have not seen it there in the last few weeks.

    1. +1 on Berkeley Bowl. If you're in Oakland Chinatown you can also find it but I don't know any particular place, just seen it there.

      1. The whole ones were displayed at the produce market on the corner of Pacific and Grant in SF Chinatown, and they will cut a piece off to-order; $1.99/lb.

        1. Anyone know where the jackfruit available around here comes from? Always wonder if it's been irradiated like most of the mangosteen (comes from Thailand), or previously frozen like the durian.

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            i can't speak for elsewhere, but Berkeley Bowl won't sell irradiated fruit.

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              Thanks to everyone for their help on locating Jack Fruit. I checked with Berkeley Bowl East and they do get them somewhat regularly. However, the one they got last week was too green to sell. A friend found some on Clement Street in SF. So I got my Jack Fruit fix for now!