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Feb 5, 2012 09:40 AM

Baby friendly dinner places within 20 minute drive of Hallandale

My wife and I have brought our 4 month on his first visit to Hallandale - we haven't been to the area in more than a decade (and are sad to see that some of our old family favourites - rascal house, mario the baker) are no longer.

we have had a few meals out already and so far have had no problems with our baby but have only eaten at places like cheesecake factory. I think we are ready now to try something a little more foodie oriented - where should we try?

As well - is "le tub" as good as people say, and if so, can we bring a baby to the place (or is take-out an option?) - if it is an option - what is the best thing on the menu if I'm only going to eat there once.

We have a week to play with still so we'd welcome any and all rec's.

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  1. Le Tub is good but you needs a ton of patience so I probably wouldn't bring a baby unless the baby can sleep for 2 hours! No AC there either as it's outdoors only.

    1. the horse track is a great place for the baby, a few places to eat, walk outside, shopping.. not so far of a drive.
      joe's- in south beach, but worth the drive!
      go to le tub for lunch and sit outside.
      also lots of places on the broad walk- the pizza place is pretty good

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        Joes is great but you can't bring a stroller or carriage into the restaurant.

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          Never heard that, but besides, unless you're in with the maitre'd you're due to be waiting for a table, never good with an infant in tow.

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            thanks for the advice - is that the case for Joes even if we go really early? My wife and I would love to go if only to eat their great pies, but we are concerned about the wait. Is it truly the case that we can't bring in anything for our baby to sit in - even his car seat?

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              Lunch is better than dinner as far as the wait, and I have no idea about the stroller thing, but with an infant, I'd just go to Joe's Takeaway next door and have a picnic on the beach or at South Pointe Park.

      2. Sit outside at Il Mercato (Hallandale) or Timo (Sunny Isles). Get dim sum at Chef Philip Ho (Sunny Isles). Mexican at Cheen Huaye (North Miami Beach). Japanese at Hiro's Yakko-San (North Miami Beach). There are plenty of options, just have to be prepared at that age for one of the spouses to do "the walk" when the baby starts acting up.

        1. Le Tub is not a good spot for an infant or takeout.

          Lola's on harrison in downtown Hollywood has outside seating that is perfect for infant hounds. Inside works too if early.

          If you liked Rascal House I would suggest Sage Bagel for breakfast (best bagels) and deli. infant friendly for sure.

          El Tamarindo may work depending on what kind of food you like. If you tell me what you are looking for I may be able to help more.

          Wannabefoodie is correct regarding Gulfstream but unfortunately the food stinks with the exception of Cheese Course.

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            Chowfather, you seem to be a big fan of Lola's. I've been several times and am always underwhelmed. What do you like so much about the place? I want to like our somewhat limited choices in Hollywood, but...