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Feb 5, 2012 09:09 AM

WOW - what a Treat

Worried about not being able to get in we made reservations early in the week for 8 at 8pm for the Trattoria (which used to be the Bistro). Supposedly this is Northern Italian cuisine - not like anything around and boy was that rumor correct. Even though the restaurant only opened two Wednesday's ago, the food was excellent, the service above average and they had no problem accomdating us when the table went from 8 to six then back to 8 again. Don't let anyone tell you that the staff at Daniels don't bend over backward to build a loyal customer base.

With regard to the ambiance and atmosphere the place has a new look. When Daniel and Karen moved the Bistro to 311 Broadway - they brought the beachy, beige blue look with them. The Trattoria on the other hand resembles a small cozy Italian restaurant you might find in the City. Noise was not a problem and we could hear our waitress just fine over a full restaurant. Once again, there was absolutely no rush to get us out. The servers share time between both locations.

Our party started with an array of appetizers, everything from a spedini, clams casino, polenta with sausage, calamari and salads. Portions were good, food was hot and service excellent.

Our main courses were difficult to choose. All diners raved about their entree dishes but mine was something out of heaven. A lobster tail wrapped in a veal scallopini in a very light red sauce, a side of sauteed spinach and a fair portion of a garlic mashed. I almost couldn't finish the dish. My husband enjoyed his lamb chops and the flavor of the rice was like nothing I've ever had. There was a lobster ravioli special that sounded excellent but in the end I did not mind at all committing to the Veal/Lobster Tail

In short, you MUST try this gem of a restaurant. The Manager, James, and Daniel have a long history working together and it is obvious they work well as a team. James is well spoken, well dressed it is obvious he is a true professioal.

Daniel and Karen made it a point to leave the Bistro and check on things at the end of the night. Their attention to detail and attention to their customers is amazing. It is obvious they love the business and certainly love hearing positive feedback.

Desserts, YES. They have an amazing chef preparing desserts but we had little room. We shared the bread pudding and were not disappointed.

Can't wait to come back and sample a few more items off the menu.

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  1. It would be a good review, if we knew what place you were talking about and the location. We cook but are short on ESP.

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      I'd guess it's Daniel's Trattoria, Point Pleasant Beach -- which is the subject of another current thread. The sudden recent fandom for Daniel's is a little weird.

      1. re: drongo

        *shrug* no idea but as a new poster she started another thread that said Daniel's but still neglects to locate and address it. *sigh*

        1. re: drongo

          "Recent" fandom is not quite accurate. While the Trattoria is new, Daniel's Bistro has been open for nearly three years and reviews have been mainly positive.

          Here's the thread for the Bistro:

        2. re: Quine

          Daniels Trattoria, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Very new to posting threads - more of a review reader than a poster.

          1. re: suecq

            Welcome! Yes can understand the being so excited about a place and the good meal that you forget to let us know where it was. :-)

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. Had dinner at Daniel's Trattoria Monday night. The salad was mediocre although priced right at $7. I expected better than marinated pears from a jar. My entree was very good - shrimp, scallops, and rice with crabmeat in a demiglace sauce. It was supposed to be served with roasted red peppers but we got haricort verts instead (mistake?) My husband has a half order of pasta bolognese which was rich and tasty with meat and sausage. Personnally, I'm not up for this type of dinner at the shore - I much prefer the takeout 2-lb lobster from Shore Point seafood. All in all, daniuel's was a pleasant experience and is an excellent option if you want a formal dinner.