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Feb 5, 2012 06:07 AM

High Tea

I need some recs for High Tea service in Montreal. This is for a group of women in their mid 20s who are celebrating a birthday. Something quirky, sophisticated, elegant, posh. I am aware of The Birks tea and Ogilivys but are there any other interesting places? Thanks to all!

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    1. thumbs up from me for London Bus. it will certainly fit the request for quirky. Although someone else can have my cucumber sandwiches.

      1. I second Gryphon d'Or in NDG.
        I've heard good things about Renoir in the Sofitel Hotel which may be more your cup of tea, pardon the pun...

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        1. re: chilipepper

          gryphon is not sophistcated, elegant, or posh. It's more cozy, rustic, homey.