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Feb 5, 2012 02:00 AM

2 days in New Orleans where should I eat?

Basically I am wanting to know if you had 2 1/2 days in NOLA where would you eat? My best friend and I will be in NOLA for 2 days precruise at the end of February. We are looking to stay kinda on a budget being that this is kinda our prevacation (bout 40-50 a day on food max). However we are foodies and if there is a don't miss kinda place we would spend more. Also since I am the driver and don't want to miss the sights either I would like where we eat to be withing walking distance from the streetcar lines or a short taxi ride from the french quarter. Thanks!!!

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  1. Your first trip to NewOrleans sounds like mine was targeted for! Luckily I had the advice of an old NewOrleans family to help. First for breakfast you'll want to try Cafe Du Monde for Latte's and fresh Biegnet's with a nice view on Canal street. For lunch you can go really cheap with streetfood like alligator boudin on a roll for a few bucks or Pat Obrien's Courtyard for an avg priced lunch right on Bourbon street. 'I went everyday for the Crawfish Nacho's" For dinner I'd reccomend a walk to K-Pauls Louisianna kitchen a few blocks down, It's a bit pricey but DEFINATELY worth it. Then theres Brennans avg. priced but awesome. Try the Crawfish Etouffee". I had planned on going for 2 days..........spent 5. Something I found really cool was that if you walked out of the french quarter a few blocks, all the food was just as good! but cheaper. I'm not sure there is a city anywhere on this planet where the local cuisine is as imbedded into every natives soul. Good Luck!

    1. Not sure what days of the week you'll be there but there are fantastic lunch specials that give you a great sense of the place without being as expensive. My number one rec would be lunch at Commander's Palace, the grand dame of New Orleans old school dining. Not sure where you're staying but I assume around Canal Street. Just dress up, take the St Charles streetcar up to Washington Ave, and stroll the lovely several blocks through the Garden District (with a stop at Lafayette Cemetery) on your way to the mansion that is Commander's. You can easily have a fabulous lunch with two martinis for under $20, although you may want to also share a Creole bread pudding souffle for dessert.

      If you're there on a Sunday and want a really delicious, very local neighborhood brunch head to Lil Dizzy's in Treme. It's their original, more casual location (they have another one in the Central Biz District that's weirdly formal). They have a killer brunch buffet with awesome gumbo, grits, sausages, bread pudding, omlettes to order, etc etc etc...The food is amazing and it's a rocking good time! It's BYOB so if you want mimosas bring champy (and call ahead to make sure they have OJ, they were out once)

      If you get the chance to split a plate of BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's do it. It's a very unique dish and not at all what you're expecting. Their Gumbo Yaya is amazing too. You can sit at the bar. If you're there at lunch they have a great cocktail menu for around $1.50 or so.

      Johnny's and Verti Marte will make your poboys in the Quarter.

      Scott0's enthusiasm is fun but I'm not sure too many will echo recs for eating at Pat O'Brien's or Brennan's. Also, the coffee of choice at Cafe Du Monde is Cafe au lait, for sure. Have a great time! And remember to come back and tell us how it went!

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        and I'll add Mandina's and Katie's on Iberville, both accessible by the Canal St. streetcar. Restaurant August has a 3 course $20 lunch on weekdays.

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          Yes Kukubura is correct, I apologise, Cafe au lait at Cafe du monde. 'bows head"

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            haha no need to apologize! Glad you had a great visit!

        2. Commander’s, K-Paul’s and Brennan’s are way out of your budget especially if you plan on having any cocktails. You should go to Old Coffee Pot or take the Magazine Street bus to Surry’s for a great breakfast ($10ish) and grab a po-boy at Johnny’s or do a chowhound search for best po-boys in New Orleans ($10ish) or try Cochon Butcher for an amazing sandwich ($10ish) and one of their side plates like marinated brussel sprouts. For dinner, splurge a little a head over to Domenica ($20ish) or try it during happy hour for 1/2price pizzas and wines. Also, Luke has $.50 oysters during happy hour and try to go to Big Fisherman on Magazine Street and pick yourself up about 5pounds of crawfish and boiled potatoes, corn and garlic.

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            Again, Commander's has lunch specials for as little as $16 for soup/entree plus their famous 25c martinis. Granted, you still want to leave a nice tip since the service is so exceptional, but as far as bargains that are also extravagant and lovely experiences it's tough to top.

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              even brunch at Commanders is an outstanding value.

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                Skip breakfast and have early lunch. Commander's M-F has a prix fixe and 25 cent martinis. Lunch at August and Emeril's M-F will get you 3 courses for about $20. Coquette offers a 3 course lunch w-sat with $5 specialty cocktails on thur. For dinner: Domenica has daily happy hour 3-6 with 1/2 price wood fired pizza, wine, beer, well drinks. Luke has daily happy hour 3-6, 50cent oysters, 1/2 price libations.