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Good source of Moroccan olives

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In Arabesque, Claudia Roden says that Moroccan olives are "among the best in the world." She mentions that they can be green, violet or black, and that the green variety is salt-cured, the black ones are salted and sun-dried, and the violet olives are cured in bitter orange juice.

Please recommend your favorite brand/online source for Moroccan olives! Bonus points if they are pitted.

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  1. Not that I've previously particularly looked for Moroccan olives, I wouldnt need to look further than Crespo. The company's products are widely available.


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      Thanks, Harters. They don't seem to carry the kinds of olives Roden was describing, but I will keep them in mind if I want some ordinary, good olives.

    2. Just curious, why would you want pitted olives? IMHO, non-pitted olives are vastly superior to those that have not been pitted, both in taste and texture. It is pretty easy to pit them as needed...

      I did find these links, though, online.



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        Thanks, that first link looks promising!

        As for the question of pitting... I find pitting olives to be incredibly tedious, and I don't like food products that make me do extra work! The texture of pitted olives doesn't bother me, and my palate is perhaps not sophisticated enough to notice a difference in taste.

      2. I wanna thank Harters and kubasd, those links are promising for the future.
        I ADORE olives