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Feb 5, 2012 12:37 AM

Good source of Moroccan olives

In Arabesque, Claudia Roden says that Moroccan olives are "among the best in the world." She mentions that they can be green, violet or black, and that the green variety is salt-cured, the black ones are salted and sun-dried, and the violet olives are cured in bitter orange juice.

Please recommend your favorite brand/online source for Moroccan olives! Bonus points if they are pitted.

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  1. Not that I've previously particularly looked for Moroccan olives, I wouldnt need to look further than Crespo. The company's products are widely available.

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    1. re: Harters

      Thanks, Harters. They don't seem to carry the kinds of olives Roden was describing, but I will keep them in mind if I want some ordinary, good olives.

    2. Just curious, why would you want pitted olives? IMHO, non-pitted olives are vastly superior to those that have not been pitted, both in taste and texture. It is pretty easy to pit them as needed...

      I did find these links, though, online.

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      1. re: kubasd

        Thanks, that first link looks promising!

        As for the question of pitting... I find pitting olives to be incredibly tedious, and I don't like food products that make me do extra work! The texture of pitted olives doesn't bother me, and my palate is perhaps not sophisticated enough to notice a difference in taste.

      2. I wanna thank Harters and kubasd, those links are promising for the future.
        I ADORE olives