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100 years of Oreos!

This week, the Oreo cookie will have its 100th birthday. One Toronto newspaper dismissed the news as "it's just a cookie". I think that does the Oreo a tremendous disservice. Oreos, along with chocolate chip cookies (homemade, still warm out of the oven, of course) are the iconic North American cookies. Who doesn't remember the first time they twisted an Oreo apart, scraping off the vanilla creme, and then dipping the wafers into a cold glass of milk?

There have been futile efforts to extend the bran d - double stuff, even mint(!) oreos, but the classic is still the best. So I ask you, friends; Is the Oreo "just a cookie" to you?

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  1. It's much too iconic of a brand to be just another cookie. If a cookie looks like an oreo, we remark, "Hey, that looks like an oreo!"

    I'm in the minority - I'm a non-twister. I've always preferred to dunk the whole thing in milk.

    1. Gotta admit, I'm an old-timer who would love for the Hydroxy version to come back, but failing that, maybe I'll make an Oreo cheesecake this week (fortified with a bit of Amaretto, of course).

      1. I never liked dipping in milk. I was doing double stuff long before the company came up with the idea. In fact, since they started with double stuff, I've been able to take the next logical step - quadruple stuff! That is really the ultimate. One additional quirk of mine - I really like stale Oreos when the cookie softens a bit. Nope, it's not just a cookie to me.

        1. As a small child I learned how to scrape off that disgusting bit of sickeningly sweetened shortening that was between those two lovely bitter chocolate wafers!

          1. My faves are regular mint oreos, mint fudge covered oreos, and white chocolate covered oreos.

            I just wished Nabisco would take a little more PRIDE in the product they package. As of late, all the oreos I get are lopsided and the cookie half separates from the creme half (far too easily). As a kid, all the oreos were PERFECT -- not lopsided, and the creme might as well have been called "glue" since you had to twist pretty hard at times to separate them. Not sure why the slip in quality, but I will say that oreo cookies have been better in the past.

            1. ha! i was planning on making homemade oreos this week because it is MY birthday.

              the oreo has a few years (decades) on me though...

              1. As I've gotten older, I've found that a couple of Oreo cookies pairs really well with a nice dry Chardonnay.

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                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Do you dip the oreos in the chardonnay?

                  1. re: bobbert

                    Only if the Oreos are heavily oaked.

                2. Oreos are not what they were, but their reputational half life is long, it would.

                  Growing up, we preferred Hydrox (which were made 3 years before Oreos) for the better texture and deeper intensity of their chocolate wafers, and Oreos for the quality of the cream filling.

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                  1. re: Karl S

                    Are you suggesting a "Hydr-Oreo"?

                    Oreo cream filling sandwiched between two Hdrox chocolate wafers?

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      Back in the day. Hydrox doesn't exist anymore, and even before it expired, Keebler's screwed it all up, trying to make it more like an Oreo (bad idea). And Oreos have degraded. The transfat scare was the death knell of quality for a lot of supermarket cookies.

                      1. re: Karl S

                        I agree...Hydrox were definitely the better cookie. Oreos only had better marketing.

                        Keebler definitely screwed Hydrox up, and Kellogg's definitively killed it. It was the texture of the cookie I liked so much better about Hydrox. I'm glad they didn't try to "improve" the Vienna Fingers, the texture of which is pretty much what Hydrox also possessed.

                        As far as the switch from transfats, I think _that_uproar from confused consumers was much ado about nothing.
                        I'd rather not have transfats in my food anyway; that's some nasty shrit that made no flavor contribution whatsoever. Some products did seem to go through a period during transition where the texture seemed changed (the texture, not the flavor), but in many cases it seems that even the initial texture changes have been addressed.
                        A case in point is the aformentioned Vienna Fingers....reformulated filling, but the product tastes the same and is still as good as it ever was.
                        Now, if they'd only bring back Golden Fruit Biscuits. That product and quality survived the takeover from Keebler, but when Kelloggs bought Keebler, that was the end of another great product :-(

                        1. re: The Professor

                          Transfat was not a flavor contribution but textural in nature. Palm oil (the current replacement of choice, formerly avoided because of its saturated fat profile) is not always a perfect replacement in terms of textural results.

                          I don't have the phobia about transfat because I don't eat large quantities of foods that tended to have them in them, and I'd prefer to have the choice for the superior texture when I indulge from time to time....

                  2. I never twisted the Oreos, ate them w/milk.

                    I love the white fudge covered ones, but could not find them this past holiday season.

                    Definitely not just another cookie.

                    1. The actual birthday, according to the Nabisco web site, is March 6.

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                        well, whatever day THEIR birthday is, i made them homemade today to bring in to work tomorrow on MY birthday, and they turned out awesome!

                        heres the recipe i used if anyone wants to try their hand at it!


                        1. re: mattstolz

                          Caught me a little by surprise because I was expecting an embossed cookie.