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Feb 5, 2012 12:22 AM


Looking for recommendations for Stuttgart. We are open to all categories of food, the only requirement is that it is authentic! Thank you in advance.

Authentic Swabian


El Salvadoran:







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  1. Umm. Just out of curiosity -- have you heard/read somewhere that Stuttgart is the place to go for "authentic" El Salvadoran, Mexican or Vietnamese?

    They sure do Swabian fairly authentically '-) ....perhaps check out some of the older threads for Stuttgart as a starting point?

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      Obviously, I am posting because I am asking for the recommendations of folks who are familiar with Stuttgart. I have lived in Germany on and off for over 40 years. I am going to Stuttgart in a couple of weeks and would like to try some places which have received excellent recommendations. For the record, I have eaten excellent Vietnamese in Munich and was hoping to find the same in Stuttgart. There are many Swabian restaurants and would like to know what is considered the best.

      1. re: sweetteach

        Ah, thanks for clarifying.

        Well, I am German and have relatives in Stuttgart whom I visit every year, which is why I was confused about the El Salvadoran / Mexican / Vietnamese.

        I wasn't aware that any of those cuisines were available in Stuttgart (particularly *authentic* -- sorry, but most "Mexican" food you'll get in Germany is a lousy version of texmex).

        My suggestion to skim through the existing threads about Stuttgart remains - it may well contain a few tips you are looking for (I myself have suggested a couple of Swabian restos iirc).

        1. re: linguafood

          Vielen dank! I live in Bamberg and we do not have a lot of "ethnic" restaurants. Our Indian, for example, (and there is only ONE) is really horrid. I must say that I have had excellent Indian food in Berlin and in Garmisch! little boy and I are excited about going to a big city and eating some foods which we love and can not get im Franken. I also am a stickler for "authentic" and I do understand what you mean by "tex mex". We are also looking forward to visit the home area of "spaetzle"! My child is tired of "kloss". Thank you! I am hoping to find a couple really, good and true (with a lot of locals) Swabian restaurants. Bis bald!

          1. re: sweetteach

            I went here and was very happy with the food - I had fantastic balsamic veal kidneys with spaetzle.

            In a few other threads, Wielandshöhe is mentioned. I haven't been personally, but people really seem to love it.