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Feb 4, 2012 10:58 PM

Bistro Latino in Tuckahoe

Bistro Latino in Tuckahoe is now open. It's owned by the same guy as Sonora in Portchester, and they did a nice renovation of the inside from it's previous diner-incarnation. I stopped by tonight and had a few things, and overall it was good to excellent. We had the beet salad which was nice , as well as the Paella and the Branzino. The Paella was good....tons of seafood on top, but the rice seemed just average, no crunchiness on the bottom of the pan. The branzino was excellent, nicely pan fried over some delicious chorizo gnocchi. We didn't get a chance to try most of the tapas or charcuterie, but everything we saw come out looked good. Overall, its worth trying if you're in the area, and it's a very welcome addition to the growing Tuckahoe dining scene (which I also saw will gain a Japanese hibachi restaurant too in the near future). BTW, for solo dining, the bar is excellently designed and roomy with good service.

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  1. What are the prices like? Lunch? or just dinner?

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      I didn't see any hours anywhere, but I assume it was dinner only. Tapas was something on the order of $8-19, and the smaller entree list was on the order of $19-28. Salad, two entrees, one soda, and one beer were $72 with tax.

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        I look forward to trying it myself, but early buzz it is a little pricey and not what was expected from early reviews. That being said, when the people that tell me say "not what I expected." That usually means, really good food! I'm excited.

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          I stopped in on their 2nd nite. Nice decor, friendly staff. Had the tapas of albondigas (lamb meatballs) w/ remesco sauce and 2 cheeses(manchengo and goat). A bit pricey for (3) 1.5 oz meatballs @ 11.00, but the flavor was excellent. Drink prices are average. If you sit at the bar, avoid the seat in front of the kitchen-you can feel the heat. Will return to try more.

        2. I stopped in last week to grab a menu with the intention of posting it. Unfortunately my scanner is acting crazy again. I didn't notice Rafael Palomino's name at the botom of the menu (duh), thanks for pointing that out. I am a fan of Sonora so I am looking forward to trying Bistro Latino.
          I too think they did a great job with the renovation, the days of Ronnie'o and Main Street cafe are a vague memory.

          The maitre d' was involved with a table of patrons when I walked in but quickly and politely excused himself to greet me, give me the menu and urge/invite me (in a really nice way) to come back to have dinner. I mention this because as of late I have experienced alot of ( I'm doing you a favor type of attitude) from staff at new restaurants.

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            I decided to try Bistro Latino Friday night. The restaurant, without much fan fare, has only been opened for a week or two so the fact that it was packed was rather impressive. There was quite a cross section of ages present but only one table had children. Some familiar faces from Sonora were present but the food is quite different and the ambiance more casual. Both Alex, the maître‘d and Chef Rafael Palomino were there to greet guests which had to make those that enjoy Sonora feel very much at home. There is an emphasis on small plates, a wonderful array of Latin type drinks, a selection of about six different entrees and an extensive wine list at reasonable prices. We ordered the crab coquettes and a mustard coated salmon entrée which were quite flavorable although my companion would have preferred less fry. Service was good with perhaps an inconsequential bump here and there but overall it was a very pleasant evening that warrants a return.

            1. re: Sonnyno

              Thats awesome to know. I am hoping to go maybe tonight if the hubby is up for it. I loved going to Sonora. I haven't been there in a long time...Besdies BL is closer to home...

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              Thanks for the menu link. Any thoughts from those who have been on whether there is anything a six-year-old might comfortably eat? Or is this really an adult restaurant?

              1. re: liyuan

                I don't know, we went early and I didn't see any children but it was Saturday night. I'm sure any other night of the week you might see a child or two.

                everything we ordered was delicious the lobster foie gras dish was rediculously good as was the beet salad



                complimentary hummus

                beet salad (so very good)


                crab croquettes ( with a forkfull of my friends lobster/ foi gras )

                blood orange sangria (at another table)


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                  Nice. Looks good. Maybe next week-end.

            2. Where in Tuckahoe is this restaurant?

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                it's where the Main St. Cafe was. Across from Town Hall