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Feb 4, 2012 10:09 PM

Affordable Macarons (french) and yummy banana loaf

Reference from livingsocials, I got to try affordable macarons for $12 per lb, how cheap! I used to pay $1.5 to $3 per pc in fancy french bakery, now full box of light macarons for less than $10. Not superb lil' sweet sandwich but it's definitely good for me--bakery addict.
I grew up in Thailand and have been craving for good banana loaf--soft and full flavor of banana. Yes, I found it here. First weeks I went back with Thai friends--they all love that banana loaf--my taste bud is still in good shape I guess. I don't care for cupcake because Goergetown CC is the only one in my mind. This place, the cupcake is not yet up to my par but cream puff & fruit napoleon are yummy. I think brownie is a bit to sweet but a friend put in microwave creating a lava brownie--she said it tastes better.
The owner is a nice Asian girl. She quits corporate job for bakery. So let's see if passion led her the right path :)0

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  1. where is it and what is it called?

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    1. re: xdcx

      Linda's Bakery (9350-G Snowden River Parkway, Columbia MD, same mall w/ House of India & New York Deli). It has been opened for a month or so. Nothing much on the website, I hope she could post more pictures soon.

    2. Is banana loaf like banana bread?

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      1. re: mdpilam

        Yes, it's a moist banana bread--not much flour though, may be that why she calls banana loaf.

      2. Just a shot in the dark, but I noticed on a recent visit to Trader Joe's that they now have macorons in their frozen desserts section. They aren't very expensive, they probably aren't just like your grandma in France used to make, but they might fill a void or at least satisfy a curiosity without a lot of cash.