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Jun 19, 2006 03:46 PM

la terza: unimpressed

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had father's day dinner at la terza last evening and i must say i was expecting so much more. the decor is rather blah, the seating was not very comfy and the service was extremely slow.

i started with the heirloom tomato and burrata cheese salad which pales in comparison to capo's. my entree was one of their specials, the beef short ribs, make that one short rib over a bland potato puree and nothing else not even a garnish on the plate. i will admit the meat was tasty but what a boring dining experience. i thought i'd give it one last shot with dessert. i tried the brown butter pistacio tart with blackberry sauce and marscapone cheese ice cream. sounded good but the whole dessert was the size of a silver dollar. i would not recommend this place, very disappointing.

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    1. Hello.. Is La Terza a 'small plates' establishment? How much did/can they charge for a single rib's worth of short ribs? Also, given that so many posters have recently chimed in on other threads about how they find short ribs (in general, not just at La Terza) to be way too rich as an entree, it might not be so surprising that they paired up the unctuous short-rib with something bland like pureed potatoes (in the manner that char sui is paired with bland rice buns or fatty duck breast with steamed rice). Too bad, I wanted to try La Terza; if the price point-to-serving size ratio is that of small plates, I may still...

      1. I think it maybe a mistake to write-off a place because of a Holiday meal. I especially find Father's Day/Valentine's Day/Mother's Day to be the worst for good food and service.

        La Terza, IMHO, isn't perfect but is (mostly) pretty darn good; but, take a few Father-or-two out of the cooking-serving equation and it could fall down like a house of cards.

        1. had same experience, but everyone used the excuse that they had a guest italian chef in the kitchen. surprising considering how good angelini is.

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            John Gonzales

            Of course different strokes etc., and I agree the decor is nothing special. Personally, I'm not a decor diner. I also think La Terza isn't as creative as some places.
            That said, I think La Terza is excellent. Considering that it is a bit less expensive than the top-crust, and is somewhat more corkage friendly; it's one of my tops in LA. The osso bucco agnolotti that S. Irene wrote up last weekend is indeed awesome. The duck is also very good.