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Feb 4, 2012 08:28 PM

Lunch around Tokyo Dome/Korakuen

I may be headed to Laqua for a few hours since I realized onsen was missing from my itinerary. It will likely be in the morning so I can head to Ikebukuro (and Jiyu Gakuen as well as Aigre Douce) in the afternoon. I'm thinking I need a light lunch somewhere. has Moomin Cafe and Bubba Gump in the Laqua complex. Between the two, I'd prefer Moomin, but it doesn't appeal to me that much, either.

Any other suggestions for lunch? I could just pick up some onigiri or similar from Seijo Ishii, or perhaps bring something with me from Isetan, but other options/suggestions are welcome!

ETA: I should mention that this won't be for a couple of weeks.

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  1. Within the LaQua complex there's also a News Deli, an Indian place, a restaurant owned by a Hawaiian sumo wrestler, and several more options.

    If you don't mind walking a little, I recently had a nice lunch at En, about 400 meters south of LaQua.

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      I saw you had mentioned En in another thread, but I had assumed it was just an izakaya open in evenings. So a solo lunch there would be OK? I just looked at their website, and it looks like they have some lunch sets available. It looks like it will suit my needs perfectly! Thanks!

      1. re: prasantrin

        Yes, I usually avoid izakaya at lunchtime, but somehow I ended up there and the lunch sets were quite nice. It's a pleasant space too, and perfectly fine for a solo diner.