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Feb 4, 2012 08:13 PM

looking for great asian or malaysian in palo alto... or singaporean?

any ideas?

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  1. Shiok in MP is OK. It is a bit 'nice'—as in, I think there may be overweight focus given to decor and plating, with prices scaled accordingly—but they serve decent Hainan chicken rice. I ate some other things there, but I can't remember what.

    1. Malaysian: We go to Layang Layang. They have two locations in North San Jose and in Milpitas. Haven't been to the Milpitas location. It's good Malaysian food, not amazing, but I'm just grateful there is something.

      There is Straits in Palo Alto, but it just makes me sad - food isn't necessarily bad, but flavors are very inauthentic.

      Other asian: Da Sichuan gives a good representation of Sichuan cuisine (Boiled Fish, ma po tofu, twice cooked pork, lamb in wrappers).

      So Gong Dong - Decent Korean tofu soup + BBQ place. Not as good as places further south in Sunnyvale/Santa Clara but completely acceptable.

      Lotus Thai Bistro does decent Thai, but the spice levels are all over the place (sometimes one orders spicy and gets drowned in chili curries - other times it tastes like sweet coconut milk). Shana Thai in Mountain View also does decent Thai but has better quality control than Lotus Thai Bistro.