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I forgot --- for chewy brownies

For chewy, not cake-like brownies -- more or less eggs? Other tricks?

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  1. the recipe I just made called for 4 large eggs and I cup of flour.
    so I'd say more eggs and I'd also say brown sugar and a little molassas wouldn't hurt for extra chew

    1. Thanks -- just saw the Perfect Brownie thread -- so wanted to delete this one, but got the dreaded ...timed out message (again).

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        no problem Sarah.
        I just finished that little tiny bite of the ones just out of the oven.
        enjoy your brownies

      2. I think underbaking is the key, more than the actual batter. Pull them from the oven when the tops are shiny but the brownies dimple when pressed. I now make brownies in mini-muffin tins - a standard batch makes 24. I am in love with the Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownie boxed mix, which I make with virgin coconut oil, a generous half cup of walnuts added. I bake them for 15 min and turn them out as soon as they are cool enough to handle. The crust is crunchy but the interiors are chewy-fudgy. I think the mini shape promotes more even baking. If you use a standard pan the outer pieces are bound to be more done than the center ones.

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          i respectfully disagree on this and am so over this underbaked cake trend. just like with those chocolate lava cakes, i can still taste raw egg.

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            Thank you! May the "underbaked" philosophy PLEASE die! This is one of the major disagreements that I have with ATK, for one thing. There is nothing delicious about half-raw.

        2. greygarious: just printed a "recipe" (loosely used term) for the Ghiradelli mix (which I've never used) and Dove carmel chocolates. Add 1/2 of the brownie mix to the pan, cover w/ Doves, add rest of brownie mix and bake. Supposedly makes a truly oogie-gooie decadent bar. I'll have to track down that Ghiradelli!

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            There are 6 different varieties of the Ghirardelli mix. Of the 4 available at my supermarket, I much prefer the Dark Chocolate. Richer chocolate flavor than the double or triple, and I'll add my own walnuts.

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              I have 3 'bags' of GDC brownie mix on the top shelf of pantry. I hate to say it but that product is the bom

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              Respectfully, might you be looking for candy rather than brownies?

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                Can't imagine that I'd ever turn down brownies or candy! ;)

            3. The Joy of Cooking, in their "Brownies Cockaigne" recipe, advises that it depends on the pan size you use -- a smaller pan makes cakey brownies, and a larger one makes chewy brownies.

              I guess they think if the dough is put in thicker it becomes more cake-like, but I make brownies pretty seldom and have never really experimented with this. Just thought I'd throw it out as another variable.

              1. how funny... with husband out the door I'm back to watching the newest ATK. Chris Kimball is taste testing chocolate via brownies (of all things) < they all look very dry