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Feb 4, 2012 06:36 PM

Average meal price at Banyan Tree, DUO, Ferraro's, Spago?

Hi All!

My husband and I are getting ready to go to Maui in exactly a month, and we'd love to splurge on a couple of really great meals. We'll be staying in both Kaanapali and Wailea. While there are a ton of other restaurants we're interested in (yes, Mama's is on the list!), I'd also be interested in knowing the average meal price at the restaurants listed in the subject line (Banyan Tree, DUO, Ferraro's and Spago), as their pricing is not available online. As far as what I would describe as an average meal:

-1 bottle of wine
-2 appetizers
-2 entrees
-1 dessert

And my husband's almost strictly a steak eater, so if the cost of a filet or NY strip is going to be over $75, then I'd also like to know! $75 is about my mental limit for a steak, hahaha. After $75, I don't feel like I'm even paying for quality anymore.

Thank you!

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  1. I do not have the Banyan Tree bill handy, but believe that I included that expense, with details, in my review, which should still be up on this board. Same for lunch at Mama's on that trip.

    Now, "bottle of wine" is very, very broad. I have spent from US $ 70 to US $ 1800, on a bottle of wine with a meal, though not at Banyan Tree. IIRC,we did three half-bottles, and the total wine bill was probably about US $ 250, but could well have been less, with different choices.

    Also, the next year, they shut down for a refurbishment, so were closed during our next visit. Do not know what changes might have been implemented, regarding the menu.

    Enjoy and aloha,


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      Great, thank you, Hunt! I'll look for your review (would be very curious to see the content, not just pricing!)!

    2. All of these places have websites with menus that would be a good place to start.

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        I noted this in my original inquiry, but I didn't see the pricing listed on the online menus. If you see otherwise, please let me know!

      2. Spago is about a $40-70 entree IIRC. Duo and Ferraro a bit less. In general I've had it with Spago. Service is generally inept and food isn't good enough for t he price.

        I think you'll like Duo more, or Ferraro's. Or Nicks, at the Fairmont.

        About two miles away is a nice place, Sarento's. Looks like nothing from the outside, but inside it is fine dining and fairer prices.

        Gannon's is also nice. Serious food, better prices.

        1. I tallied up the costs of my meals at Ferraro's over the past several years and it comes out to about $100. Typically I'll have an appetizer, entree, split a dessert and 1-2 glasses of wine. Duo is probably on par with that.

          1. Although I have enjoyed a couple of meals and mini meals at Spago, if you look at the Keiki menu, seeing the price of buttered pasta will give you a headsup to the extortionary prices.