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Feb 4, 2012 06:28 PM

Need to impress a VIP client from Las Vegas - recommendations?

I'm taking a client who oversees events for one of the largest casinos/hotels/restos to dinner. He's a vegetarian, doesn't want anything pretentious, wants something that has a good vibe, delicious food and feels like Toronto (i.e. something that he wouldn't find in LV).

I was thinking Susur, but they're pretty booked up. I've got possible reservations at Scarpetta (but think this may lack the vibe I'm looking for and have never eaten there).

Any recommendations?

UPDATE: I need to book on a Monday - love the suggestions so far, but all but one are closed on a Monday.

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  1. Scarpetta has a location in Vegas, that won't impress.

    Maybe woodlot? They have a veg menu and to me read very Toronto and won't read pretentious.

    Or L.A.B. Vegetarian chef and something a little different.

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    1. re: bytepusher

      I agree with Woodlot. Or Enoteca Sociale. Both have good food, good veggie options, a fun local vibe and relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere.

      1. As a Montreal vegetarian food snob my vote goes to L.A.B.

        1. Haven't been yet but another possibility is Ruby Watch Co. except for it's location.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions so far! To add complexity to the mix, the dinner is planned for Monday night and most of the restaurants mentioned are closed. Sigh*

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              Yours truly on ossington & dundas, veg tasting menu. Something more extravagent? Splendido. Call ahead and they'll arrange a veg tasting menu.

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                  I understand Cafe 668 (I think) at the corner of dundas and claremont to be an excellent veggie resto.

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                    Enoteca is open on Mondays! But it's not as veg-centric. Just good food. Very relaxed. Nice wines on the Enomatic (usually a few interesting bottles on there). Bustling, but conversation-able.

                    Splendido is fancy-pants, but it can be a bit over the top if your visitor is looking for not-vegas and more local. That being said, Splendido's veg dishes have always been fantastic and/or the star of the night. Desserts are super strong these days as well. Fairly quiet, also conversation-able.

                    Acadia might be an option (the right vibe, interesting/localish food) - though you'd have to call ahead to see if they can do vegetarian (depending on what kinda veggie guy he is). Loud at peak times. Reservations are hard.