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Feb 4, 2012 05:34 PM

oyster happy hour

Been going to Old Ebbitt's oyster happy hour for a couple of years. Am planning to go get some oysters this week but thinking about trying clyde's in tyson's or another place all together.

How does old ebbitt's compare with Clyde's in tyson's. Or, please recommend another place all together. Looking to get to a $1 oyster price range and I plan do do some damage (5 to 6 dozen range is what we've done in the past).

I like old ebbitt's but parking and driving in from fairfax is a hastle.


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  1. PJ Clark's on 16th between K & I. Impeccably fresh oysters - well shucked served with all the classic garnishes. Great happy hour prices. And coolest urinals in DC.

    Its not too far from Old Ebbitt so it's in a familiar neighborhood, and the have valet parking in the evenings.

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      There are plenty of new oyster happy hour spots you can try Pearl Dive Oyster Palace as well as Senart's Oyster & Chop House

      1. re: agarnett100

        Tacklebox has an oyster happy hour. There's a location in Gtown, which is about as close to NoVA as you can get and still be in the District.

    2. Probably not your idea of "happy hour" but I was taken aback by the raw oysters at Green Olive Buffet: big, plump, briney, ice cold. Not withered and iodiney like certain other upscale raw bars. The rest of the menu is just meh, but the oysters are solid. Two caveats: the serves tend to pile the oysters, so you may get bits of shell in the oyster, and they aren't shucked so much as opened. You still need to separate oyster from shell. But for $14 all you can eat oysters, I can live with that and zero atmosphere. They also have a liquor license and ample parking.

      1. Thanks everyone. Went to clyde's and did 5 dozen. Good oysters.

        1. Legal Seafood does $1 oysters. They were briny, plump and fresh. Also did Senarts, also quite good. I never seem to get to OEG any more.

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            Senarts can be hit or miss. The Fish Market's in Old Town are always fresh, but not cheap. The half shells at Maine Avenue Fish Market are always good, but it's too damn cold to eat them outside.

            1. re: monkeyrotica

              Finally made it to Senarts for happy hour today - I had some of the best oyster I have ever had in this area period. At Happy Hour its $7 per 1/2 dozen or $12 per dozen. Had a few of the jumbo shrimp (not really jumbo more like U-15) they were also good but not worth the cost.

          2. Ummm... Old Ebbitts=Clydes. Same company.