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Feb 4, 2012 05:00 PM

Private Dining/Restaurant Rental (Edmonton)

I'm looking to host a small wedding reception dinner for around 20-30 people. I would like some suggestions as to restaurants that either have private rooms or would allow us to either rent the whole space or a portion thereof.

If this information is helpful... our group would involve:
- 20 to 30 people
- no children
- one or two seniors
- a few picky eaters

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!

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  1. A lot would depend on your budget. We had our wedding rehersal dinner at Tom Goodchild's Moose Factory. They have private rooms, and not so private rooms that can be closed off. Not sure now, but they used to have a special menu for those kinds of events where you could offer guests less choices - making it more affordable if you wanted.

    The Sorrentino's group of restaurants I believe has a location or two with private rooms - check their website for that info.

    Several of the chinese restaurants in town (Golden Rice Bowl and Jumbo Dim Sum come to mind right away) have moveable walls in their restaurants that can section your group off from the rest of the place as well.

    1. We had good experiences at Murrieta's on Whyte Avenue and at Packrat Louie's celebrating some important birthdays. Murrrieta's has a nice private room for up to 35 people, we had cocktails and canapes at the bar and then a sit down dinner in the room. At Packrat Louie's we took over the room to the left of the entrance, where the bar is , the space is good for up to 40 people and it worked out very well, allowing for mingling before and after dinner.
      Depending on your budget, Blue Pear is an excellent option, if your guests will appreciate and enjoy that type of food. The Dish and the Runaway Spoon would be a more mainstream option.

      1. A couple weeks ago I attended a corporate function at Ruth's Chris with about 20 people. The price was $75 per person for an appetizer, a steak, shared side dishes (broccoli and mashed potatoes) and a dessert. While the food was good, I have always found that place overpriced. We sat in the lower level in "The Vault", a private room that is a holdover from when that building was a bank.

        1. Maybe Red Ox Inn? Their dining room is small and you could potentially rent out the whole thing....

          Highlands Kitchen will let you use part or all of the restaurant (depending on the day) and will also do a set menu for you. I did that for a party and it worked out really well. Even the people who were picky eaters liked the goat cheese appetizer I ordered, although that wasn't something they would normally be comfortable with. And they were very happy with the perogies.

          Sabor Divino has a little side room but I think it might be too small for the size of your group.

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            Von's has a good upstairs space. if budget allows, Characters has beautiful rooms downstairs. Also you can book all of Blue Pear.

          2. In the downtown core where I am more familiar, Ruth Chris has 3 private dining rooms that I have been in, we had 6 tables of 8 comfortably in the biggest one called the library; the vault would be tight and "friendly" for 20 but it is a cool room with exposed concrete and big metal vault door. Sorrentino downtown has two, not very private as the rooms have glass windows to the main dining area, 30 should be fine for the bigger one. Lux downtown has one, easily fits 30 and quite comfortable. Chinese restaurants like Century Palace, Emperor's palace, all have private rooms, Emperor's palace's rooms are really nice. Madison's has rooms in the basement that can be used as private dining rooms. Hardware grill has a room/wine cellar in the basement which is really nice - my favourite, definitely good for 20-30. Characters has one in the front as well but 30 would be pushing it.

            Hehe, if it is my wedding, I would go Hardware Grill if available.