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Feb 4, 2012 04:22 PM

Stemware from C&B?

We are looking to purchase new stemware but on a tight budget, $6-13 per glass. 21 oz cab size and 16oz or so white size.
I was looking at two that interested me, the Oregon series and the Vineyard series from Crate and Barrel.
Can anyone shed some light on their experience with either of these glasses?

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  1. I have the Oregon 16 ounce size, which I use for both reds and whites. I like them, I like the shape and they are delicate enough to feel more expensive. I have broken at least a few, between finding out that they are to tall for my dishwasher and general klutziness. At least they are something I can afford to replace.

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      Thanks for your reply, sounds like the Oregon is a good deal.

    2. I bought some Schott Zwiesel titanium crystal glasses at C&B last year for within your price range. Personally I love them, and they are hard to break. I've dropped them (not recommended) and they didn't break. They are dishwasher safe, etc. I can't say enough for them, and they are definitely less likely to break than some other stemware I have that cost much more.

      You might look online at Brentwood Wine company, they have the whole line for very reasonable prices.

      1. Agree with dinwiddie; Schott Zwiesel is the way to go. The construction and feel is similar to Reidel Vinum series, they are reasonably break resistant, and they represent great price/value relationship. Personally, I like the Tritan series. A set of the 28 oz Bordeaux from Amazon will keep you under $12 per stem inclusive (no sales tax + super saver shipping).