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Feb 4, 2012 03:42 PM

Gill Restaurant Yonge and St. Clair

Huge fan of Gill now facing massive disappointment to see them no longer there. (Big Mouth Luck Dumpling House now in the space). Does anyone know if they have relocated?

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  1. What? I just ate at Gill a week ago. Is it not still upstairs in Delisle Court?

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    1. re: 1sweetpea

      Big Mouth Luck Dumpling House is, per a sign posted on the door, under the same ownership as Gill -- they decided to drop the Japanese menu in favor of a Chinese one b/c I guess they weren't getting enough interest. Did not see a menu posted, and I don't know if they're open yet. I am happy to see a Chinese spot in the neighborhood, and will be even more pleased if they manage to live up to their "dumpling house" name.

      1. re: autopi

        Although I'll be sorry to see the Japanese menu go (the chiarashi was excellent), this is actually good news because the owner knows what he's doing and Yonge and St. Clair desperately needs a Chinese restaurant. I hope he's able to do better with this difficult space.

        1. re: Frids

          I'd expand this to say that Yonge and St. Clair desperately needs a whole whack of good restaurants - such an uninspired little strip with but a handful of gems in the few blocks north and south.

          Appreciate the tip - I just never walk upstairs at Delisle Court. I will make a point to check this place out. Eller, did you happen to notice if they deliver?

          1. re: peppermint pate

            Their menu noted delivery was available, but their radius is quite small at 3 blocks.

        2. re: autopi

          They're open as of today. Lots of dumplings, dim-sum, noodle and stir-fry on the menu. No lunch specials (as of yet) so I picked up an order each of pork, shrimp and zucchini (fried) and pork and dill (boiled) dumplings.

          I'd say that the dumplings here are tastier than those served at Mother's. More fillings, not greasy, although they're a bit more expensive.

          1. re: eller

            Get thee to Big Mouth Luck Dumpling House! I went this evening with 2 co-diners and absolutely loved the food. We had 2 orders of boiled dumplings: Pork, Shrimp and Garlic Chive, plus Pork and Dill. Both were delicious. We tried the Pork Shrimp and Zucchini Pan Fried Dumplings, which were also tasty. All dumplings appeared to made in-house. Not a single one was busting open or waterlogged. I am a big fan of northern style boiled dumplings, but I will have to return to see how the kitchen handles har gow and xiu mai, but it will be tough not to continue my exploration of the boiled options.

            The cold Spicy Beef Shank was lovely, tender and deftly flavoured with 5-spice, sided with a sweet pickled julienne of carrots and daikon radish. Our last dish was stir-fried scallops and shrimps with snow peas, carrots, shiitake mushrooms and onions. We ordered 2 bowls of steamed rice , which gave us the perfect amount of food. All 3 dumpling dishes were delicious. The winner of three for me was the pork with dill. The boiled dumplings and cold beef shank brought me right back to Beijing and Xi'an. The stir-fry was very Cantonese in its light, clean and balance of tastes. Each vegetable still maintained texture and its own inherent flavour, while marrying well with the seafood and touch of garlic. Very nice. I was thrilled that the scallops and shrimps were perfectly cooked. My only criticism is that the scallops and shrimps were medium-sized. A larger, more luxurious size would have been welcome, especially at $16.99 for the dish.

            I'm intrigued by the spicy beef shanghai noodle soup offering. I may have to try that one cold day for lunch. Even though there are currently no lunch specials, there are 3 BBQ on rice with vegetable options, a la HK BBQ (Chicken, Pork or Duck), all of which are $6.59 (or thereabouts). Add a wonton, hot and sour or tomato and cucumber egg drop soup to one of those and a single diner could make a hearty lunch or dinner. The stir-fry options would make a full meal with a steamed rice.

            I would love to know if the kitchen would ever consider allowing a lone diner to order a single order of boiled dumplings, but mix 2 or 3 types in the single order, as long as they are the same price. That would be a coup! Not sure if they would consent to that, though.

            The chefs really know how to get great flavour out of their ingredients. The biggest task now is to woo people from the neighbourhood to Delisle Court and get them to raise their eyes to the upper level and notice what is hiding up there. I really hope they paper the area with deals, maybe go the Groupon route and find a way to get themselves written up in media that people actually read. I will definitely be back again and again, as long as they have enough business to keep them afloat. On a Saturday evening at 7:00, we were one of 3 tables, and it got no busier over the course of our delicious meal.

            1. re: 1sweetpea

              Thanks for the heads up sweetpea, I will check it out tomorrow.

              A couple of years ago I stopped checking out every restaurant that occupied that space and I have missed the last 4 or so but the list of failed enterprises is very long.

              Even the ground floor of the Delisle Court is almost certain death for restaurants because the occupancy cost is outrageous. Unless the food cost is under 15% with at low cheque average and the restaurant is generally, you can start beating the drum slowly.

              Getting people to climb those stairs (or find the dreary elevator at the back) has proven impossible for the past 30 years

              1. re: sumdumgoy

                And see the separate thread now started on the Dumpling House