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Feb 4, 2012 02:26 PM

Washington, D.C. restaurants with kids?

Staying on Capitol Hill.

Vietnamese would be good, or anything easy and Cheesecake Factory-like.


Thanks in advance for suggestions!

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  1. Zest - 8th Street SE - it's at the very end of Barracks Row. Owners have two young boys so there is a pretty typical kids menu for the little ones, and a very nice straight forward and well executed menu for the adults. If your kids are too old for the pasta w/ marinara and chicken tenders option the normal menu has plenty of choices that they should find appalling.

    Strolling back up 8th street provides plenty of pop-in after dinner options (frozen yogurt, cupcakes, ect.) and a couple of funky stores fore casual "window" shopping.

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    1. re: drewpbalzac

      It's been awhile but I also really liked Zest when I went a year or so ago. Had an awesome lamb sandwich.

    2. Good Stuff Eatery and Eastern Market should work.

      1. Ted's bulletin

        If you're going to the zoo, Nam Viet in Cleveland Park.

        Of you want to go out of our way for good pizza, Two Amy's (Cleveland Park) and Comet (Upper NW). Both would require metro/bus/cab.

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          Matchbox is also a good option, they have pretty good pizza, and miniburgers

        2. You've gotten great recommendations so far - esp. Good Stuff. I'd also add Seventh Hill Pizza, which is in your neighborhood. The hot half smokes in natural casing (there are other hot dog / sausage choices as well) at the meat store mid-way down at Eastern Market are fabulous - you put on the condiments yourself and they cost $2.00 -- no seating though.

          We The Pizza is next door to Good Stuff - they are both owned by Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame. We The Pizza has excellent homemade sodas (the Very Very Sour-ry Cherry is my favorite). Good Stuff has excellent burgers and FABULOUS shakes - the best in town.

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          1. re: woodleyparkhound

            Really? I've never been impressed with Good Stuff: dry, expensive burgers. The shakes are alright, though.


            I was actually impressed with Bullfeathers. They're owned by the same team running Tunnicliffs and Stoney's, so they know how to cook a burger to order. And for a Hill eatery, their kids menu is pretty extensive and their shakes are solid. The pizzas were pretty decent as well. The last time I had a pie at Matchbox, the crust was tasted like Red Baron frozen pizza. The sliders, however, are still good.


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              Second the toasted marshmallow milkshake at Good Stuff Eatery and the homemade cherry soda at We the Pizza. Ri-DIC-ulous.

            2. Up on the Hill I would head to Good Stuff Eatery for great burgers and shakes. I love their turkey burger.

              Also Matchbox which has good pizza and mini burgers.