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Feb 4, 2012 02:10 PM

Del Monte Sweet Pickle Relish

I moved to the Phoenix area from SoCal about 3 years ago, In Socal I always bought the Del Monte brand of sweet picklie relish. I have not seen it sold in Arizona. The M.A. Gedney distribution map shows it is not distributed in Arizona, but it is available in California and Nevada. I will be in Las Vegas next month for a convention. I'm wondering if the Del Monte Sweet Pickle Relish is available in all major supermarkets in the Las Vegas area or is it hard to find?What stores have you seen it in? In AZ, I have not found a brand of Sweet Pickle Relish as good as the Del Monte.

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  1. I'll look at the store this week and report back to you. Since you're in Phoenix are they selling Blue Bell ice cream there in stores yet?

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      Please check that out for me when you get to the store. I see Blue Bell Ice Cream in Walmarts and Fry's Supermarket, they give it a good amount of Shelf Space. I've never tried it, I went shopping this morning and looked at the price of Blue Bell, it sells for $6.99. It is a larger package (half gallon) than Dreyers but cheaper per ounce. The flavors offered looked interesting, I'll try some when the weather warms up. Post Grapenut Flakes and Bob's Big Boy Tarter Sauce was hard to find here but easy to find in SoCal when I lived there. I see Ken's Salad Dressing (my fav 1000 island dressing) has a plant/warehouse in Las Vegas, is there such a thing as Ken's Low Fat or fat free Thousand Island dressing in the stores in Las Vegas?

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        I looked in Walmart today, no DM relish but I did find it in Albertsons. They had 22 oz jars for $4.49. Don't know if that's good or bad, probably bad since Albertson's is expensive but it was in the shopping center I went to for Chinese for lunch. I'll check a few more places and let you know.
        $6.99 for Blue Bell is more than I paid in Texas but maybe it's gone up there in the year and a half since I moved. I hope you love it when you try it. I need to call Walmart in Bullhead City since I think that's the closest to here and see if they have it and if so pack up a huge ice chest and stock up.
        I'll look for the Ken's and let you know about that too.

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          The $4.00 -$4.50 price range for the relish was what I was paying for it in So Cal. I think it was about 5-10 years ago Del Monte sold their pickle products to M.A. Gedney company and licenses them to use the DM logo. The $6.99 for blue bell was what I saw at Fry's Marketplace, Fry's is a more expensive store but they have more items than a lot of other stores around here.

          1. re: Buckeye_Local

            Hey BL- I've checked Von's, Fresh and Easy and Smith's and no luck at any of those and that's pretty much our chains here. The one place I haven't checked is Glazers, the go to place here to find anything. Also I haven't seen the Ken's LF or FF anywhere here. All the stores I've checked are in the Summerlin area and it's very possible they may carry them at these chains in another part of town. Any help anyone else who shops in Henderson or other areas?

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              I called an Albertsons store in Henderson and they stock DM sweet pickle relish on a regular basis so I'll stop there on my way into town next month. Knowing that Ken's Dressings has a facility on Blue Diamond next to the railroad tracks I thought it would be kinda easy to buy all of their products around Las Vegas. I contacted Ken's through the website and the person that replied said that he could not see anywhere the lite 1000 Island was sold in Las Vegas but he did tell me a couple of supermarket chains here in Phoenix I can find the Lite 1000 island dressing. I do not like the Kraft or Wishbone lite 1000 island so I hope Ken's taste okay.

    2. Oh wow, you've no idea how glad I am to have run across this thread. I've not been able to get Del Monte relish since about the year 2000, and absolutely CRINGE every time I buy another brand that just never sizes up to Del Monte.

      Gotta find a way to source some now. I bought the last few bottles of it when a store up here had their last few bottles on clearance, and was told the whole line was being discontinued.

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        I was in Las Vegas last week for a trade show and stopped at the Albertsons in Boulder City and they had plenty of the Del Monte Sweet Pickle Relish on the shelf, I did not know this but there is also a sugar free version of it on the shelf. Not all Alberstons in the Las Vegas sell it. To my surprise I also found Bob's Big Boy Tarter Sauce in the Boulder City store which is even harder to find than the DM pickle relish. I have not found any Tartar Sauce as good as Bob's.

        You can also find the Del Monte Relish at The price per jar is okay but shipping from New York out here is pretty expensive. My brands also has Del Monte Hamburger Relish which is very good on burgers.

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