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Turkey broth left out overnite

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I had some frozen turkey broth. I stuck it on the counter and forgot about it. I left it out overnite. If I boil it for awhile, will it be ok to use in my turkey gravy?

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  1. I'm sure lots of people wouldn't, but I would boil it and use it (and have done similar things quite often).

    1. I leave food out overnight often or during the day to thaw & have had no problems.....I would be fine using it....

      1. I think you're fine.
        If you weren't going to boil it, then I may be cautious but you are...

        1. i would generally be very cautious about broth (compared to some other things.)

          But Bittman says you can extend the life of stock by boiling it every third day. That suggests to me that the reboiling idea might be fine as NCW suggests.

          1. I would definitely use it too.

            1. It is a real tough call because broth can go bad fairly quickly. It really depends on the room temperature at the time and the length of "overnight". For some people, overnight is 6 hours. For others it is 12 hour. You should smell it to make sure it does not smell funny in the slightly way. If in doubt, toss it. If it smells fine and looks fine, then I would consider boiling it for 5 minute. Then, you can use it.

              1. Even after re-boiling, there is a risk of staph food poisoning. Generally, this is not a very high risk, but it's not completely negligible either. Here are a few factors you can consider:

                Was the broth covered? If not, the risk is a bit higher.

                After it cooled, did anyone stick a spoon into the broth, take a sip, and then put the spoon back into the broth? If yes, the risk is significantly higher.

                Is your kitchen abnormally warm or cool? If warm, the risk is higher. Cool, the risk is lower.

                Are we talking 8 hours? 12? 16? The longer you left it out, the higher the risk.

                Is anyone who will be eating this gravy immunocompromised, pregnant, or medically frail for whatever reason? This is the biggest question IMO - it ups staph food poisoning from unpleasant to potentially deadly.

                Personally, I would normally just go and use the broth, especially if I was hygienic in making it and discovered my mistake first thing in the morning (8 hours rather than 20). Food poisoning is uncommon after something like this (but again, not unheard of). But then again, I'm also a healthy adult who would live through staph food poisoning, just in case.

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                1. Leaving it out overnight is exactly how I'd normally thoroughly thaw something.