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Feb 4, 2012 01:22 PM

Turkey broth left out overnite

I had some frozen turkey broth. I stuck it on the counter and forgot about it. I left it out overnite. If I boil it for awhile, will it be ok to use in my turkey gravy?

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  1. I'm sure lots of people wouldn't, but I would boil it and use it (and have done similar things quite often).

    1. I leave food out overnight often or during the day to thaw & have had no problems.....I would be fine using it....

      1. I think you're fine.
        If you weren't going to boil it, then I may be cautious but you are...

        1. i would generally be very cautious about broth (compared to some other things.)

          But Bittman says you can extend the life of stock by boiling it every third day. That suggests to me that the reboiling idea might be fine as NCW suggests.

          1. I would definitely use it too.