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Feb 4, 2012 01:12 PM

Chicago & Milwaukee?

Where is a good place to have lunch with about a mile radius of Chicago and Milwaukee? Thanks.

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  1. That's kind of a difficult request. Are you looking for two places? There is no place that is within a mile of both Chicago and Milwaukee?

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      I cant believe the first responder calls herself chicgail and doesn't know the OP is referring to the STREETS: Chicago Ave. and Milwaukee Ave. Wow. I will think of some answers OP.

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        A friend and I are on a tight schedule with a 1 PM appointment near the intersection of W Chicago Ave and N Milwaukee Ave and need to grab lunch before. Don't really know eating places in that neighborhood. Sorry---I assumed people would know I was talking about streets. Good thing I didn't mention Sacramento, Richmond, Pensacola........

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          It seems like some days I am sharper than others. Someone pass the coffee, please?

      2. That intersection is not the epicenter of fine dining in Chicago. I worked at that corner for several years and constantly struggled with the lack of good dining options. But there are options if you're willing to be underwhelmed.

        D'Agostino's around the corner has decent red-sauce pasta and pizza/calzone or salad choices. Actually, I really like their shells with chicken, garlic/oil and pine nuts, but it's a simple dish I can just as easily make at home.

        If you're really time-crunched, Pie-Eyed Pizza has pretty good pizza by the slice. I ate way too much of this, as it was something I could grab three minutes before I was due for work.

        There's a pleasant neighborhood diner called Windy City Cafe. I've only gone there on weekend mornings for pancakes, waffles, bacon-and-eggs, but I've been happy with the food, the prices and the pleasant feel of the place. You'll have to do your own investigation of anything other than breakfast there, I'm afraid.

        Further afield, there's Bari on Grand & May for sub sandwiches or the Twisted Spoke at Grand and Ogden for burgers and beer in a Disneyland version of a biker bar.

        Don't know if the timing would work for you, but the dining room at the Kendall College culinary school (Halsted just north of the river) would probably make a very nice lunch spot, but I think they only open from noon to 1:30, so you may not have gotten to the dessert course before having to leave for your 1:00.

        Never been there for lunch, but I've enjoyed a few dinners at Thalia Spice: asian fusion at Green & Chicago, in a pleasant room.

        I can recommend Swim Cafe, a short walk west at Chicago & Ada Street, for coffee and a quick pastry if you just want something to tide you over before your appointment, so you can get a better late lunch out of the area.

        1. There's not a lot for lunch in the immediate area (altho there are a lot of terrific dinner places a litttle west on Chicago (West Town, Leopold's, Branch 27, Ruxbin). There's a D'Agostino's with its pretty average pizza. A better possibility, tho, is Podhalanka up Milwaukee on Division. You might also give Habana Libre a try, altho that was a disappointment the last time I had lunch there. I've had quick snacks at Central Cafe (kind of a diner with a Puerto Rican flavor), but never a full meal.

          1. I would recommend lunch at The Paramount Room. If you were willing to go 1.5 miles away, Coalfire makes a very good pizza. Since you have not mentioned what day of the week you plan on dining, you may wish to call first as neither place is open for lunch seven days a week. I think they are two of the better options for lunch in my neighborhood. Here are links to their web sites for further information: