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Feb 4, 2012 01:00 PM

Trip to Bermuda, staying at Rosewood Tucker's Point

We will be headed to Bermuda later this month for a meeting and will be staying at Rosewood Tucker's Point. I am just starting to research restaurants for the trip. I suspect that we will be taking a cab to the hotel, and I'm not sure I want to try driving there with the whole "other side" of the road thing. Reading over some of the other threads, I can't really tell what is relatively close to our hotel. So my questions are: Does anyone know how the restaurants are at the hotel? Any recommendations for restaurants that aren't too far away? I would prefer places that feature local seafood. Open to suggestions at all price points...I don't mind splurging but HATE to spend money for mediocre and overpriced food (but I guess that's a definition of a chowhound).

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Totally agree with darknstormy's comments regarding the hotel. It is very nice and is certainly one of the best properties on the Island. Unfortunately, it is somewhat isolated. Visitors are not permitted to drive a car in Bermuda (unless you happen to hold a Bermuda drivers license?)...but even then, you would need to find someone willing to lend you their car as there are no rental cars available. Therefore, if you need to be mobile your choices are moped, taxi or the bus. Regardless, Four Ways is approximately 25-30 min ($30-40 taxi fare?) from Tuckers Point which may be too far for comfort. Other good restaurant options include Beau Rivage at the Newstead hotel (overlooks the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbour) or Cafe Lido at the Elbow Beach hotel (ocean view). In the city of Hamilton there are lots of choices and price points, but a few notable names to consider are Little Venice (Italian) or Port' O' Call (Seafood w/ a nice sushi resto called Pearl upstairs). Last point, despite being an island in the middle of the Atlantic, the majority of seafood is imported. Therefore, unless you ask and confirm if the fish is is probably NOT. That being said, most restaurants will have fresh and locally sourced wahoo, rockfish and tuna on their menu. You should also try the local lobster (called Spiny Lobster) which is different from the typical N. Atlantic variety in that it does not have claws. It is basically very similar in taste, but just a tail. If you want some suggestions regarding local favourites specialising in local fare for good prices (burgers, fish sandwiches, "pub" food and lunch places etc.), just ask.

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        Thanks. Great news about the hotel...I didn't pick it. It just happens to be where the meeting is. How far is it from the city of Hamilton? By driving, I was referring to the scooters. Recently anyone who has heard I'm going to Bermuda starts into their moped driving fiasco. I'm not sure I want to venture out of the mopeds, but we'll see.

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          The menus are online and the chef uses locally-sourced meat/fish and produce when available.

          Tom Moore's Tavern is quite near TP, as is Rustico in Flatts. Wahoo in St George's will usually have local fish.

      2. I am a chef in Bermuda and I can say I do sorce local products as much as possible when available

        1. Thanks for the help. We just got back from our trip. The food at the hotel (both The Point and the bar) was excellent. It's priced as I would expect for a resort, but the food was very good, well prepared, and excellent service. We did go to Tom Moore's one night, which I found a little disappointing. We like history, so were excited to go there, but when we arrived at 7 we were the only people there and it smelled very musty, like a basement. The furnishings were rather tacky as well. Some of the food was good, but some of the dishes (mussels) were disappointing and underseasoned. For the price, the Point was much better. We also had lunch at Wahoos, which we enjoyed tremendously. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the water view. We had the wahoo tacos and a rockfish special. Both were very good and the service was friendly.

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            Thanks for taking the time to write a quick review. Glad you enjoyed the food at Tucker's and Wahoo's. I haven't been to Tom Moore's in over 6 years so can't say yeah or nay so glad to hear your thoughts.