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Feb 4, 2012 12:56 PM

Panciuto, Hillsborough

Only open for dinner from 5:40-8:30 on Saturday night. REALLY??!!

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  1. It's the truth. And when we went, we had an 8pm reservation and it was like we had walked in 5 minutes before they closed. We got rushed through our meal so fast we never even had the chance to order wine. It was a pretty disappointing anniversary dinner, we haven't been back.

    1. I have no idea why they decided upon those hours - I suspect they found there wasn't enough traffic to warrant staying later.

      I have dined there around 6ish and it was one of the best meals (in every detail) that I have had in the Triangle. With as many wonderful restaurants as we have in the area that is saying a lot!

      It is worth planning to get there earlier! If I lived closer I'd be there monthly. I have friends who live nearby and have had a fantastic experience at their once in awhile special dinners.

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        I don't want to eat at 6 and don't want to be rushed.

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          Well, it looks like other options are in your future.

      2. I'm sorry to say when we went there last year for my birthday it wasn't wonderful. That was our third visit there, and they have struck out with us.

        Ever since then I've debated whether to say something here or not, since it could be just our bad luck, plus I want places like this in Hillsborough to be successful. But, since our experiences have been so different from what usually gets posted here, I'll go ahead. Maybe it isn't just us.

        Overall for us the price point and the quality has just never matched up. Our first meal there was pretty good - not stellar, but good enough to make us want to go back. The second was pretty average. The third was a mess.

        No problem with being rushed, as we did go early - and there were only two other tables occupied at the time. But they made a mistake on my order (I'd asked for one pasta dish and they served me a different one), which left my husband to eat alone while I waited for the correct one to arrive. And what got rushed in that error was the food - when the replacement dish came out, the pasta was gummy and really not good at all. I ended up not eating most of it. And for a fine dining Italian restaurant, *that* is really a bad mistake. They comped my meal due to the ordering error, which was very nice of them (I didn't ask, they offered), but the bad pasta on top of that was just ... oy.

        Because of this I just can't recommend the place as a special occasion destination. Hopes are always higher for those meals. And now it sounds like hours are a problem for some folks too.

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          My visit was as a guest of some "regulars". While it shouldn't make a difference, perhaps my experience reflects their relationship. It was really terrific all around.

          Your posts are always quite balanced, so I'm curious about dining there without these friends.

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            That's interesting. Hopefully more folks who are trying this place out on their own will post. I'd really like to know more. I really want a Hillsborough establishment to be a destination eatery.

        2. We ate here twice this past month and once last summer. Really excellent place, as good as the very best in the Triangle I think. I wanted to say something because after Magnolia closed a couple of years ago I was looking for some other places to visit, and this thread helped delay my first visit by a year. My own thoughts are at

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            The correct link for this is - I had asked the moderator to update a duplicate post.