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Feb 4, 2012 12:12 PM

Need help for a "SPECIAL" birthday dinner.

"Special" birthday dinner help please
I have a son with Down Syndrome. For years he has told people that when he turns 21 that he's going to "Vegas Baby!". Well, that time has come and we will be in Vegas in about 10 days, along with friends from Hawaii and No. Cal, 15 people in all. We are looking for a fun place for him for his birthday dinner. Some of the people coming have money issues so a dinner/show is probably out. I thought about a teppanyaki place with the "show" of the preparation of the dinner, but my idea didn't seem well received by some of the party goers. My son is at about a 7 year old level so we need to keep it "kid-friendly" while still making it special and adult, if that makes sense.

(We are staying at the Excaliber and I know they have a dinner/show, but he has been to Medival Times in Calif. already.)

So something fun and lively , not TOO expensive and kid-friendly.


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  1. What do you consider to be not too expensive?

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      Well that's a good question. I think for the people going who have $$ issues, they'd want to keep it $25-$30pp ( before alcohol).

    2. I dunno if they accomodate 15 persons together, but Rainforest Cafe in the MGM is an idea. Your son should enjoy it, it's fun, and while you wait for you food you can walk out and look at the Lion Cubs exhibit. The website makes it look like a kids-only place but it's not. And it's right across the street from the Excalibur so you won't have access/transpo issues.

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        Thank you. My son has been to a Rainforest cafe and does enjoy the environment. And the location sounds great. I'll run that idea across and see what others think. Plus I know that they aren't very expensive. =)

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          Your post made me tear up a little bit. I hope your son had an amazing 21st birthday! Where did you end up going? My circumstances are similar to yours, and I need to find a fun, celebratory place to go in May with my sister. :)

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            We did end up going to the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM. The location was good for us and he did really enjoy it. ( Even though we had reservations for our group, we ended up having to wait a long time to be seated so some of our group had to leave for a show they had tix for even before the dinner came) But overall, it was fun for him!