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Feb 4, 2012 11:43 AM

Good food near West Chester University

We'll be visiting WCU a couple of times and would love recs for good food. Any suggestions?

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  1. Avalon BYO in West Chester. Also, if you like chocolate even a little bit, stop by Eclat and pick up a few varieties, they are incredible.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      Thanks! Any good lunch spots in town?

      1. re: BFoodie

        I'm not there very often, those two places are the only ones I have any recent experience with (except Gilmore's, which I'd recommend you skip).

      2. re: Buckethead

        How I have missed Eclat I don't know. The S.O. will be thrilled to hear about this place! Thanks for the heads up Buckethead. I might need to venture over there for a little Valentine surprise package.

        1. re: genevapics

          If you haven't been to A Taste of Olive, which is on the same street as Eclat, it's worth a look-see. They've got a unique selection of olive oils and vinegars from all over -- and tasting, of course.

          1. re: CindyJ

            I have not been there either. Thank you for the info. I really need to go to West Chester on a Saturday morning, have breakfast and explore. Need to walk up and down the various streets and see what is there. A lot of these smaller places Eclat, Taste of Olive, et al. have flown under my radar for too long.

            I think what I will do (provided weather is favorable) is visit on Saturday when the West Chester Farmer's Market is open (1st & 3rd Sat of each month during the winter). Have breakfast, shop at the market and then explore the many side streets that I have seemed to overlook.

            Wonderful thread! Thank you all for the information and thanks to the O.P.

            1. re: genevapics

              Sounds like a great plan. Make sure you stop in at Carlino's, too. Chances are, it'll inspire a home-cooked Italian dinner.

      3. Ditto on Eclat. Great chocolates. We frequent High Street Caffe for Cajun. Breakfast at Market Street Grill. Carlino's Market is fun for a variety of things.

        1. Another vote for Avalon; I don't believe it's open for lunch. We also like Nonna's on Gay St.

          1. If you are in town during the warmer months, stop by D'Ascenzo's Gelato. (

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            1. re: genevapics

              If you like Cajun and Creole food, High Street Caffe is consistently good. Personally, I'm fond of Market Street Grill, a very casual place with an excellent chef. I believe both restaurants are owned by the same people.

              1. re: thymeoz

                I tried this restaurant once several years ago and found it lacking. I now see where many posters, whose opinions I respect, have said that it serves good, consistent food. I also read where they have remodeled their bar area. Looks like I will need to give them another visit.

            2. I like the lunch Italian buffet at Limoncello. I have enjoyed dinner there as well.

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              1. re: leepinleemur

                Try Penn's Table for breakfast, it's great!