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Ideas for leftover fresh basil?

Bought a package of fresh basil for a pasta dish the other day. Last time I did this I ended up throwing out the rest because it was in the fridge too long and went bad. Any ideas what to make? Can you freeze it i wonder?

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  1. basil mayo is wonderful for sandwiches, in potato salad, on green beans, etc. 1 cup packed basil leaves in food processor, add a cup of mayo, whirl. add some garlic and lemon juice, whirl. salt and white pepper---more than you think. yum! lasts about 5 days in fridge.

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      Mmmm, that sounds tasty. Maybe it will give me an excuse to use the Magic Bullet someone bought me a couple of years ago but have never used! Thanks for the idea.

    2. If you freeze it it'll turn black. I like it torn into a simple green salad. Or make a salad of grape tomatoes, basil and bocconcini (sp?). Make a pizza with tomato and mozzarella then sprinkle basil on top.

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        I've frozen loads of fresh basil over the years and never had it turn black. It isn't quite so pretty when you thaw it, but it still tastes great in marinara sauce, pizza sauce, etc.

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          I find freezing an ice cream scoop full of shredded basil with a tablespoon of water. Freeze fast and then put into ziplocks

      2. whizz it in the food pro with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. will last for months in the freezer. i portion it out into small bags.

        1. To have your fresh basil last longer, DON'T refridgerate it; put it in a water glass after trimming the bottom (like for cut flowers), and keep in a cool place in the kitchen. It will keep 3 times longer fresh.
          When it starts to wilt, if you haven't used it up, whiz it in a food processor or blender with a little olive oil and freeze it in tablespoon portions to add to soup, marinara, etc.

          1. Pesto!! Add any toasted nuts to the food processor, as much parm or similar as you want to use, and olive oil and garlic or even garlic infused vegetable oil until it comes together.

            1. Pack it in sea or kosher salt. It will look ugly, but the flavor will be there if you need it in cooked dishes.

              1. What about fire-roasted tomato and basil soup or making a homemade tomato sauce and freezing it?

                1. If you don't think you can realistically finish up those bunches of cilantro and basil, share with a friend. I usually manage to use up half bunches - I live alone. Hate to waste.

                  1. Make a basil-infused simple syrup and play around w/ libations....I had an outstanding basil "Nojito" once....and there are many other flavor combos to play with at the bar. You could also infuse vinegar with it and use it in many preparations. You can shred a few leaves into your salads - not too much, or it'll overwhelm. Make a "Gazpacho" w/ an Italienate flavor profile. Basil and pine nut shortbread is delicious.