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Feb 4, 2012 10:03 AM

heron pub- Thai, is it open?

Hello, anyone been recently? I had read on a blog that they had shut in November for a variety of reasons.
Also, anyone been without an accompanying Thai friend? I unfortunately dont have any !What's it like ordering and can you get the other menu easily enough?

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  1. Since TimeOut reviewed it very recently I would assume that the Heron has reopened.

    I've been without a Thai friend, though I have travelled a reasonable amount around Thailand so am reasonably familiar with the cuisine. There are more elegant translations of the menu available online, which is what I used.

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    1. re: tavegyl

      Yeah its back open + also theyve translated the whole menu into english so you shldnt have any problems

      1. re: t_g

        great, thanks for the info. Am looking forward to gving it a try.

      2. re: tavegyl

        It recently got written up in timeout, so must be reasonably accessible to Westerners (and probably will also be busy for a while too!)

      3. Just had dinner there last month:

        We did see non-Thais dining there - the waitstaff there all spoke English so no problem asking for recs, plus menu was in English, with pictures.