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Comfort me: REAL Corned Beef Hash.

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I have visited multiple *multiple* diners looking for a really stellar corned beef hash with eggs and toast. What I've gotten back thus far looks just this side of cat food.

Does anyone know of a place that serves corned beef hash that DOESN'T come out of a can? Used to drive to Castro Valley when I lived up north just to have corned beef hash at JR's.

So, fair Hounds, can you offer any help and direction?

-FYI: I live in Silverlake. Pasadena, Glendale, Hollywood triangle is best, but can do west side if need be.-

My humble thanks.

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  1. The S & W diner in Culver City serves 2 types of corned beef hash. Make sure you ask for the homemade hash, because oddly enough they also serve canned hash (I guess some people like it better canned!) Their homemade hash is really tasty.

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      The corned beef hash of all corned beef hashes is served at the Grill in Beverly Hills.

      1. re: condiment

        And that's the boss of all corned beef hash IMO.

      2. re: budlit

        Yes, some people DO like it better canned, at least in a particular context. Like tuna, or chili.

        Where is the S&W Diner? I think arranging a comparo would be fun...

        1. re: Will Owen

          Downtown Culver City about a half a block west from the intersection of Washington at Culver.

          A tasting sounds tasty Will.

          S & W Country Diner
          9748 Washington Blvd,
          Culver City, 90232
          (310) 204-5136

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            S & W is really good, and gets quite crowded on weekends. In addition to the corned beef hash -- specify the housemade -- their pancakes are good. They have a mix & match menu where you can choose from a number of sides to go with your main breakfast dish.

      3. Madame Matisse serves up a "real" version which I think is fantastic.

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          The place on Sunset? If so that's SUPER close to my house.

          Serendipity shines again.

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            yes that place....!
            life is good.

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            You mean the one thats made with Roast Beef? Seriously? Its one of the mosty foul things I have ever eaten. Matisse is average but their hash is the plague - GO TO ANGELS on Hollywood by Western - thats what CB Hash is all about.

          3. i like to say swingers cafe on beverly has a version that's homemade (see not from the can)and fits your description. you may want to call ahead since i don't remember seeing it on the menu recently.

            1. s and w country diner in culver city.

              1. the absolute worst corned beef hash I have ever had was at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna!!!

                1. Canter's makes its own corn beef hash and it is fantastic. they make it in loaf form. if they give you a dry loaf, send it back! i think that it's one of the best kept breakfast secrets in L.A.

                  1. MikeLM noted that the best corned beef hash is at the Colonial Inn in Concord Massachusetts - we've moved that discussion over to the Boston board where it's on topic, but check it out: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                    1. The hash @ Pacific Dining Car. Okay, it's Roast Beef, not Corned, but, it's the farthest thing from canned.

                      1. One more vote for Madame Matise, It is not the best I have ever had, but it is the best I have had on a regular basis around LA

                        1. Its been a long time for me, but Dukes on Sunset, next to the Whisky has great corned beef hash. I had some pretty good hash at Millies in Silverlake recently.

                          1. Have you had it at Phillipe (original), the Pantry, SimonLA, Basix, Silver Spoon, Quality, Du-Pars, Nate'n'Al's, Roll'n'Rye (good) Kate Mantilini's (good), or Gardens on Glendon (also good)... my ex never ordered anything else on a menu if the CB Hash was there...

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                              I second the rec for the Pantry Cafe. Dunno if it is fresh or canned, but its darn good.

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                                The Pantry like the one in downtown on Figueroa?

                            2. DUPARS on 3rd Street at the Farmers Market has an excellent corned beef hash that seems to be made in-house.

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                              1. 54 Holly in Pasadena (the address is the name of the place)

                                1. Check out The Toasted Bun at 808 E California Ave, Glendale. It's a little old diner that was recently renovated - and their corned beef hash is delicious. Most everything on the menu is made from scratch. Also try the pancakes (corn & jalapeno or blueberry) and the biscuits & gravy.