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Feb 4, 2012 08:38 AM

Keep or sell? Kitchenaid blender and food processor

So I just happened to be on one of those flash sale sites and lucked into an absurd deal for KitchenAid appliances ($7.33 each, brand new). I already am going to be selling the stand mixer I got, since I have a better one, but I'm vacillating on what to do with the food processor and the blender.

The food processor:

The blender:

I don't have a full-size food processor now, so I'd LOVE to have one on hand, especially for making pie dough. I like the fact that this model comes with a mini-processor attachment, since I know we often are making smaller amounts of things. I also know, however, that the KitchenAid FP has some mixed reviews and a lot of people prefer Cusinart or something else. Should I sell this and use the proceeds for another model?

We have a random Hamilton Beach blender that I don't use very often, but is pretty lame when I do. It gets the job done, but usually involves a lot of stirring and poking on my part. Once again, the KitchenAid gets some mixed reviews. Not sure if I should keep it or not.

Thanks for any input!

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  1. I say keep them both. I have a KA food processor and blender. The food processor is not amazing, but it works well and I do not feel the need to replace it even though I can afford to. I recently bought a new KA blender and saw mixed reviews beforehand. There were complaints that it was loud, but I've never seen a blender that isn't! I'd say my KA is quieter than my mother's cheap one and my sisters Breville. When dealing with ice I find the ice hitting the sides of the jar louder than the actual blender. It works really well and I'm pleased with it.

    1. Did you get the kitchenAid food processor and the kitchenAid blender for $7 each ?

      On which website did you get the fantastic deal ?