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Feb 4, 2012 08:06 AM

ISO: Tortillas - Denver

I know of great homemade tortillas in Longmont.. but is there a Denver alternative? I've been to Tortillas Mexico (11th and Santa Fe) but they didn't taste any different than their packaged products I can get at King Soopers. They aren't *bad* but they taste commercial and not house-made.. if that makes sense.

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  1. i live off of federal and hampden. there is a fresh tortillaria on federal just south of evans. look for the black jack pizza sign and there in this tiny little shop. they have corn and flour, and if u get there at the right time they are still warm. yum. plus they have some lovely mex cheeses there. my husband is in the kitchen right now making ckn quesadillas with the cheese and the tortillas from there. check them out and let me know what u think.

    1. Where in Longmont do you get those tortillas, E_bone?