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Feb 4, 2012 07:52 AM

Anyone try the new Gluten Free Patisserie Helmut Newcake?

Looks too good to be true! Have you been yet Soup? Or anyone else? Helmut Newcake
36, rue Bichat (10th)

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  1. I've been.

    Sometimes a little too sweet, but on the whole very good. I had a very good choux à la crème. The prices are very reasonable, and the owners, people who work there very nice.

    1. Gimme a minute! I may try it this afternoon. Or this weekend. It does look too good to be true, but then again, if it can happen in Glastonbury, CT, then why not in the world capital of pastry? I'm already bitter that this was not my initiative.

      Also, David Leibovitz has been:

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      1. re: souphie

        Just back from there. Bottom line is: meh, but the tarts are good and the people are nice.

        The main thing is that they do not succeed in substituting wheat in recipes that actually rely on the elasticity usually brought by gluten. Their pâte à choux, in particular, has that unpleasant taste of dust and texture of cracker (no elasticity) that most glutenfree products have and which makes them so kill-me-now despairing. Accordingly, the value of their éclair, chou à la crème lies in the custard or cream inside, and you might as well eat those by themselves, it's better.

        But there is not the same issue with pastries where flour is not usually used for elasticity, ergo the tarts with their pate sucrée. This all the more true since there is very little crust in those tarts, and the fillings are good. I found the meringue lemon tart really good, it did not have that "compromise" feeling that the éclair and chou had (you know: "dude, it's gluten free, what do you expect?"). Same with cookies, where no one expects interesting texture anyway, I suppose.

        Service is excruciatingly slow, and, as you'd expect from people running a pastry shop that opens at noon, they open late (and we were a few waiting a sidewalk). Other than that, very nice people, and quality gluten free grocery on the side too. Also, lovely couch under a sunroof in the back (the glass roof has a tarp holding with duct tape that reminds me home...)

        But let me say it now, good gluten-free pastry shops I tried in the US were better, eg Dee's one smart cookie in Glastonbury, CT, my usual. They do no French pastry but in their cupcakes or whoppie pie or bread actually are interesting substitues for the real thing, they have that flesh-like quality which I suspect is the reason why people like me can be addicted to baked goods.

        See how I manage to keep it family rated?

          1. re: souphie

            oh souphie, what a shame to be lead by your jalousy! this place is amazing!

            I've been there a couple of times and their pastries are really nice. the pate a chou especially is so light and I prefer this gluten free version to the classic one (i'm not coeliac but my wife is), and the cookies... perfect home made ones!!
            The only criticism i will made: "Stop! I'm getting too gourmand!!"
            I like the fact that the pastry is a late opening one to get there back from work (closed at 8pm) and the two host are the sweetest person ever.
            wellll, I will say Bravo!