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Feb 4, 2012 07:24 AM

Where is the best Spicy Fried Chicken in Austin on par with Prince's in Nashville

I have recently been to Nashville, TN and fully..completely..utterly blown away by the hot chicken scene there. Tried Bolton's ( it is not even the best chicken joint in town. Prince's ( where it would take atleast 2 hrs to get ur hands on a piece of chicken is supposedly the best. it was also featured on Man V food with Adam on Travel channel.

Since then I am trying to find something...anything that comes closer to that experience in AUS without success so far. Tried Ms.P's electric chicken trailer and planning to stop by Lucy's today. I have Lucky J's trailer and some more places on my radar.

I am down with the hipster crowd in Austin (Yes I am talking to you Ms. p's) but I am looking for the real..authentic..thing. I would think the best damn hot chicken joint would be African American owned just like Prince's and Bolton's in Nashville. Also if you need to add hot sauce on the side..its not hot chicken in my book.

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  1. Austin is in desperate need of a quality fried chicken place. The ones we have of note aren't the charming holes in the wall you may be used to. So far I've liked Lucy's and the chicken at Max's Wine Dive, but they are pricey hipster places. There's a cafeteria style place that does fried chicken one day a week, I can't remember the name, but it's apparently decent but I've yet to try them.

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      I think you're thinking of Southern Hospitality, Rptrane. Here's a link: They have fried chicken on the buffet menu on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but they also have wings on the regular menu.

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        Bill Millers is surprisingly good fried chicken. It comes out hot and fresh in just minutes. I don't know how they manager to that so quick, but it is real down to earth fried chicken - not hot though. But not a yupsetr prices.

        I just did Vietnamese fried chicken wings tonight. Nice and hot and pungent :-)

      2. Not only have I not seen that style of fried chicken in Austin, I haven't seen it outside of Nashville. (Certainly it exists outside of Nashville, I just haven't seen it.)

        1. Thank you all for your responses. I am now a man on a mission. I will exhaust all options in AUS and try other places in Texas (HOU, Dallas, San Antonio etc)..there gotta be some place that has it. If any one finds it please..please..let me know.

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            Well that's really just fried chicken dipped in hot sauce is it not? I've seen the food shows about that place in St. Louis. This may be blasphemy around here why not get hot wings from Hooters.

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              I don't think its spicy, but Hyde Park Bar and Grill used to do Fried Chicken a couple times a week (the south location). I'm actually partial to Furr's fried chicken when it is fresh. It's one of the few reasons to go to there IMHO.

              Have you looked into Korean fried chicken? Spicy fried goodness.

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                If we're talking spicy chicken, I've got to give a shout-out to the Korean Fried Chicken at Somunanjib Korean Food and Drinks on North Lamar. Amazing flavor and hot as hell (or sweet if you're not into the spicy). No relation at all to Nashville style, but it might fit the bill nonetheless. If they let you order any less than 20 pieces at time, I'd be there all the time.

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                If you really mean you'll travel in Texas to get great spicy fried chicken head to Houston and hit Frenchy's at one of their locations. I long for one here in San Antonio.


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                  Do not do this. Frenchy's is garbage. Followed yelp advice and was sorely disappointed. Oh and if you are an Austinite and aren't used to bad neighborhoods you'll probably crap your pants on the way there, depending upon which location.

              3. I've not seen any "hot" fried chicken in austin outside of what you can get at fast food chains. As mentioned by Gillintx I'm a huge fan of Southern Hospitality's regular fried chicken. Yeah, it's not spicy, but it's a crispy, moist, thin battered and perfectly salted version that I think isn't beat by the new kids in town (SoHo's been around for a few years). But I'd be curious about the fryers on Airport, Reggie's, Terry's, and Mr. Catfish - surely someone puts some heat in their batters?

                1. I've been traveling to Austin on business once a month for over 10 years. I've done Nashville at least 7 times a year for the last 7. I love spicy food and I LOVE Prince's hot chicken! 400 Degrees is also awesome. For those who haven't had it, it isn't just chicken dipped in hot sauce and fried. It goes way beyond that. I've found nothing in Austin like it, but if someone finds something close, I'll certainly be next in line. Had Max's last week and it was good....but not hot.

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                    No batter or breading?

                    Churches does that, but they bread their chicken afterwards. Or at least they used to do that. Their spicy recipe has changed a few times. I hated it when they introduced it, and again when they made it "better".


                    1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                      Good to hear ...can you give some more info on the Max's. I am currently traveling to Milwaukee and planning to stop by Harold's chicken shack. i hear it s a big thing in Chicago. I would be interested in finding ur opinion on them.

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                        I've never been a fan of Harold's chicken shack. I have no recommendation for fried chicken in Chicago unfortunately. Max's rocked. Super moist and tender, great chicken flavor and perfect crusty coating.

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                          Went to the Milwaukee Harold's only to find it closed for good. Can you give the details on Max's in AUS ...any website or directions. I am not familiar with the name.
                          Thank you

                          1. re: reddy531

                            Milwaukee is a pizza town. Is Rocky Rococos still around? I remember that pizza was great when I was a kid.

                            1. re: Rptrane

                              Yes..they are still around...never been inside but drive by it all the time. Not much of a pizzan fan.

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                              Max's Wine Dive, downtown near the convention center at 207 San Jacinto. They're in Houston and San Antonio too. It's not the hot style, but it's quite good. And they have all-you-can-eat chicken and waffles at Sunday brunch.


                              Rptrane has it right though, it's a pricy hipster place.

                              I am dying to try Prince's.

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                                Thank you..doesnt even remotely look like a kind of place to get good chicken ..but I will give it a try.

                                1. re: reddy531

                                  Make sure to try the pulled pork stuffed peppers. Amazing!

                          2. re: reddy531

                            The best chicken in Chicago is at Crisp.