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Feb 4, 2012 06:50 AM

Searching for food in St. Jean de luz

Planning a trip to St Jean de Luz and Hondarribia in Mid June and need suggestions for local specialties, restaurant and bars and places to stay. Any recommendations?

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  1. Am actually answering your question on the Spain forum that concerns France:
    Staying in Ciboure is the same as staying in St Jean de Luz.
    For example, for the 2 restos that I recommended there, walking from Kaiku of SJdL to L'Ephémère of Ciboure takes 15 minutes.
    In fact the train station serves both places.

    There are other charming towns nearby with good eats, like Bayonne, which is a half-hour bus away. You can use the search function i top right to find recs there. Biarritz is between Bayonne and SJdL-Ciboure.

    Will you have a car? If so, then all the nearby beautiful Basque villages are yours. Especially Sare (20 minute drive) and the enchanting Olhabidea, right outside the village. Must reserve months in advance because it has only about 10 tables, or less.

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      Again thanks, Parigi. We may have a car, it depends upon what the road/driving is like. Was
      planning to visit the small basque villages one way or another. Ohlhabidea sounds like the kind of country place we are looking for.

      1. re: Parigi

        We second Kaiku in SJdL. And re Parigi's advice concerning "the enchanting Olhabidea," outside Sare: We had no reservations and decided to take a chance and stop by anyway. It took us a while to find the place and we had a nice look around and tour by the friendly hosts. Sadly, dining was booked for the two days we are nearby. We vowed to return, but Parigi is correct when she says you need to reserve in advance. -- Jake