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ISO plastic/inexpensive champagne flutes in TO

So we are celebrating with a variety of champagnes, crémants and other sparkling wines. No way we're going to risk crystal, and we don't own enough anyway. Yes there are cheapish flutes at Canadian Tire and so on. But maybe we'll just go plastic - is there somewhere in Toronto where plastic flutes are sold? Sorry to be so downmarket!

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  1. You could try Party Packagers

    1. Dollarama! In the party aisle. I used them for a summer/deck party.
      $1 for a pack of 4

      1. If you decide to be a little more upmarket, Ikea has great champagne flutes for under $1 each. You can buy a whole mess of them and keep them for future parties - if you have the storage space - without giving a hoot if they break.

        1. These plastic flutes are stylish and reusable (great for back yard in summer) and won't break the bank at $15 for set of 4 ... I've seen them at a number of places ...

          ... or buy on-line http://www.govinowine.com/catalog/pro...

          1. We've gotten "nice" plastic martini glasses at It's My Party on the Danforth. I'm sure if they have those then they will also have champagne flutes.

            1. I agree with the Ikea suggestion - i bought a dozen or two and have had them for a few years. I got blue ones and i use them all the time for deserts and champagne. They have held up very well and look better than dollar store versions

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                We hosted a couple of weddings one summer a few years ago and ended up buying all the wine and champagne glasses for both instead of renting. It was about the same price as a single rental, and at the end of the summer we split the glasses among the two weddings and myself - I have boxes of glasses for any occasion! And I don't care if I break them - they're not expensive and I've got millions. Well...I think I'm almost through the wine glasses but still have lots of flutes. Glass is so much nicer than plastic. I understand that this may not be sensible for everyone but if I can possibly uavoid plastic I always will.

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                  I totally agree. I hate drinking from plastic glasses/cups and plastic/papers plates at parties so years ago I bought a hole bunch of wine glasses, drink glasses, plates and cultery and have been using them for parties ever since. They were very inexpensive, take up litte space, don't create waste and guests feel special.

                  Of course if you are only going to have one party or don't have any free space at all anywhere then this is not an option.

                2. I bought 48 champagne glasses at Ikea when they were on sale for .25/each. Kept the box - so easy! I have a party stash of plates, wine glasses and cutlery bought when they were on sale. I also buy inexpensive Ikea fabric to use as a gigantic tablecloth when we have dinner parties for 14-20 people and put tables together.

                  1. Costco, not sure of the pricing but you will get a ton for sure