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Feb 4, 2012 03:05 AM

where can i get good brioche rolls

any bakery suggestions appreciated thank you

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    1. A and J King in Salem does a great brioche.
      Iggys in Cambridge.
      Trader Joes has Challah roll which close.
      Maybe Clear Flour.
      Russos in Watertown does a Brioche loaf.
      Try also Big Sky bread they at many farmers market and have a cafe

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      1. re: collie

        FYI, I got brioche rolls this past week at Russo's and did not like them, dry and flavorless.

      2. i am of course late to answer to this post but for future reference:

        Iggy's sells both rolls and loaf - go to their store on Fawcett St in cambridge - i prefer the loaf
        Clear Flour in Brookline - however they sell theirs as a round
        Flour Bakery sells their loaf for 7 dollars

        For pairing with caviar I would recommend a good 'french pain de mie' from Clear flour bakery instead of a rich brioche but it's up to individual taste

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        1. re: epicureanforlife

          Iggy's and Clear Flour of course, but also Japonaise and Tatte's in Brookline. My European son-in-law likes Athans, but I don't - still his taste is excellent so I think it must please a certain palate.

        2. I often get mine at Cafe Vanille at the Chestnut Hill mall!
          They often run out....I would call.....weird location but a great mini French bakery

          1. Hi-Rise Bakery on Concord Ave in Cambridge. Addictive, as is their brioche loaf, which they don't make every day (I don't think), but is to die for and makes fabulous French toast.