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Feb 3, 2012 10:34 PM

Napa food trucks: Mark's the Spot Organic Truck – Delectable duck and the Bay Area’s best fried chicken sandwich

Here’s what I’ve tried so far

- Oooh Girl Chicken Slider ($3.75)

Buttermilk fried organic chicken thigh with pepper aioli and slaw

- What the duck ($8)

Salmon Creek's organic, free-range duck wings, done crispy confit and smothered in a sweet and spicy plum sauce.

Oooh girl … Crispy, crunchy and crazy brilliant coating for the deeply delicious dark thigh meat on a layer of delicately dressed coleslaw in a tasty toasted brioche slider bun … oooh girl

The best duck I’ve had in my life. Falling off the bone damn great duck that is salty in a good way. The not overly sweet plum sauce just the icing on the duck. Slaw and brioche bun came with the duck dish. .

Check the website for locations. On Friday they are at JV liquors near Oxbow.

More info on yelp

Napa Valley Register article

The food is to heavenly as these photos are to hellish

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