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Feb 3, 2012 09:31 PM

Bison meat in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh bison meat in Toronto? If not fresh, how about frozen? I know Bruno's has it but it is $11 a pound for frozen. I thought that was pretty expensive so I would like to find it somewhere else at a better price.

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  1. White House in SLM and on Bayview

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    1. re: iMarilyn

      IIRC White House gets their bison from Second Wind Elk in the SL Farmers Market. Second Wind is less expensive, but White House has better cuts.


      Can't say it will be inexpensive, but they have great quality, which has not been my experience with the Bruno's near us, more often than not ...

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      1. re: CocoTO

        Totally agree. Picked up a Bison Rib Eye (among other things) last weekend. It cost close to $30/lb.

      2. I have purchased bison steak at the fresh meat counter at Whole Food several times. I remember they were around $27/lb and were very good.

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          How did you cook yours? I bought them last week, marinated them, and grilled them medium rare and they were still super tough! I dont know what I did wrong!

          1. re: hungryabbey

            I do not marinate them at all. Just grilled them on the bbq to rare. I usually like my steak medium rare, but a butcher once told me bison has to be cooked rare because they have less fat content then beef (hence healthier). I did not find them tough at all cooked this way.

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              Hm. how strange. Well, I will try it again.

        2. Fiesta Farms usually has bison steaks, as does Healthy Butcher.

          1. bison tends to be more expensive than beef, i buy from cumbrae's or the booth at the liberty village farmer's market

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            1. re: ingloriouseater

              I have asked at Cumbrae's and all they have is frozen ground Bison meat, nothing fresh. Also I have bought Bison at Bruno's and was disappointed.
              I woudl love to buy a bison roast: where can I buy it

              1. re: Smachnoho

                I wouldn't bother spending the money on a bison roast. Not enough fat to make it worthwhile. (I'm speaking from experience!) I stick to bison rib-eye steaks (I find strip steak too tough) and cook no more than medium rare. It will never be quite as tender as a well-marbelled beef rib-eye, but the flavour is great and, from a health standpoint, it's worth it. I also love ground bison and use it often in chilis and for burgers.

                1. re: Tatai

                  I tend t cook bison steaks as I would an expensive beef steak. However, if you cook it as you would a cheap steak, slower and lower, you can get more tender results. This may work with roasts as well. Only a tasty experiment will tell.

                  I don't recommend buying frozen if you don't know how long it's been so. There just isn't enough fat IMO to keep it sub-zero without damaging the texture and taste.

                  Love the stuff. All the great taste of steak without the guilt. Love it.

                2. re: Smachnoho

                  i have ordered bison brisket through cumbrae's, they don't stock the items but can bring them in. steak has been done to death as has bison burgers. i have been doing braised bison brisket for about 8 years was always way cheaper and fork tender...served with a saskatoon berry and cognac jus and some horseradish mashed potato and some really nice vegetables-truly my comfort meal to go to....

                  1. re: ingloriouseater

                    I have only made roast bison once in a slow cooker & it was great but I am willing to try bison brisket from Cumrae's. What size (pounds) should I order and about how much would it cost?

                    1. re: ingloriouseater

                      Port cherry sauce with home fries for me.

                      1. re: ingloriouseater

                        In my reply I was referring to my experience with dry-roasting bison, in my case, a standing rib roast of bison specially ordered at Cumbrae's. It was not successful. Have not made anything using braising/stewing cuts of bison.