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Feb 3, 2012 09:31 PM

Bison meat in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh bison meat in Toronto? If not fresh, how about frozen? I know Bruno's has it but it is $11 a pound for frozen. I thought that was pretty expensive so I would like to find it somewhere else at a better price.

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  1. White House in SLM and on Bayview

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      IIRC White House gets their bison from Second Wind Elk in the SL Farmers Market. Second Wind is less expensive, but White House has better cuts.

    2. http://www.mediumrare.to/gamemeatsele...

      Can't say it will be inexpensive, but they have great quality, which has not been my experience with the Bruno's near us, more often than not ...

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        Totally agree. Picked up a Bison Rib Eye (among other things) last weekend. It cost close to $30/lb.

      2. I have purchased bison steak at the fresh meat counter at Whole Food several times. I remember they were around $27/lb and were very good.

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          How did you cook yours? I bought them last week, marinated them, and grilled them medium rare and they were still super tough! I dont know what I did wrong!

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            I do not marinate them at all. Just grilled them on the bbq to rare. I usually like my steak medium rare, but a butcher once told me bison has to be cooked rare because they have less fat content then beef (hence healthier). I did not find them tough at all cooked this way.

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              Hm. how strange. Well, I will try it again.

        2. Fiesta Farms usually has bison steaks, as does Healthy Butcher.

          1. bison tends to be more expensive than beef, i buy from cumbrae's or the booth at the liberty village farmer's market

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              I have asked at Cumbrae's and all they have is frozen ground Bison meat, nothing fresh. Also I have bought Bison at Bruno's and was disappointed.
              I woudl love to buy a bison roast: where can I buy it

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                I wouldn't bother spending the money on a bison roast. Not enough fat to make it worthwhile. (I'm speaking from experience!) I stick to bison rib-eye steaks (I find strip steak too tough) and cook no more than medium rare. It will never be quite as tender as a well-marbelled beef rib-eye, but the flavour is great and, from a health standpoint, it's worth it. I also love ground bison and use it often in chilis and for burgers.

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                  I tend t cook bison steaks as I would an expensive beef steak. However, if you cook it as you would a cheap steak, slower and lower, you can get more tender results. This may work with roasts as well. Only a tasty experiment will tell.

                  I don't recommend buying frozen if you don't know how long it's been so. There just isn't enough fat IMO to keep it sub-zero without damaging the texture and taste.

                  Love the stuff. All the great taste of steak without the guilt. Love it.

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                  i have ordered bison brisket through cumbrae's, they don't stock the items but can bring them in. steak has been done to death as has bison burgers. i have been doing braised bison brisket for about 8 years now...it was always way cheaper and fork tender...served with a saskatoon berry and cognac jus and some horseradish mashed potato and some really nice vegetables-truly my comfort meal to go to....

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                    I have only made roast bison once in a slow cooker & it was great but I am willing to try bison brisket from Cumrae's. What size (pounds) should I order and about how much would it cost?

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                      Port cherry sauce with home fries for me.

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                        In my reply I was referring to my experience with dry-roasting bison, in my case, a standing rib roast of bison specially ordered at Cumbrae's. It was not successful. Have not made anything using braising/stewing cuts of bison.