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Buca's Tuscan Roadhouse- Harwich, MA

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My friends and I met right after work to celebrate the completion of a hellish week. We had an early dinner reservation. First off, I have worked in food service off and on as a side job. My experience has been in small intimate dining spots and in catering. I recognize and appreciate a great waiter. Tonight our waitress was AMAZING. I wish I could recall her name (it was that sort of week where I am left brain dead). She knew her wine list and the menu completely. I allowed her to choose my wine and entree after sharing my interests and dietary restrictions (I don't eat meat ). I had a lovely Pinot Noir (wines are 8+ a glass which still erks me in any dining setting but I love wine with dinner so sit back and enjoy and pay later). MIne was 9.50 and the serving was on the smaller side (it comes in a little carafe the server partially pours). My friend ordered the grilled Romaine Salad with a light lemony dressing, grated parm and garlicky homemade croutons. Oh oh, the bread, doughy yeasty and crusty with a lovely house EVOO. Divine. My entree was a grilled eggplant special layered with goat cheese and fresh wilted spinach in a tasty thick tomato sauce. My friend's entree of cod crusted with pistachio looked amazing. It came with a side of baked tomato and spinach with peas (slightly odd combo). She LOVED her entree. My friend had the gnocci appetizer. WOW..I had a bite and loved it. Honestly, this was my best meal in months..Buca's is a find. As we left, the place was completely packed. We have plans to return in two weeks on pay day. We hit jackpot at Buca's.


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    1. I neglected to mention during the week days, they have a special menu that's quite enticing price wise..

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        thanks for the review! sounds interesting may go soon as looking for something worthy.

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